Taylor Armstrong Previews "Emotional Ride," Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2

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You've really gotta admire Taylor Armstrong.

Despite going through a painful divorce, the reality star was - somehow, some way, against all odds - able to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing her personal life on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

A Happy Taylor Armstrong

"There were a lot more tears, a lot more pain," Armstrong tells E! News, previewing the show's September 5 return. "It's been such an emotional ride for me this year. And it's one thing to experience it, but then to watch it again on television and know that millions of other people are watching, it's going to be tough."

We're guessing the padded bank account and increased fame will soften the blow a bit.

But what about Taylor's five-year old daughter, Kennedy?

"We're just trying to really take it day by day right now and trying to keep her life as consistent as possible and make sure she knows that she's surrounded by so much love and we're so fortunate that she really is," Armstrong says.

On season two, Taylor will be joined by the same cast of spoiled, self-centered characters from season one, along with new co-stars Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey.

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I'm from Oklahoma & Taylor's tear ducts must have dried up between here & there. For God's sake somebody put Kim out of her misery. Her sister is a saint. Quit ragging Brandi, nobody likes the messenger & she is the most honest.


Poor Russell couldn't deal with the fact that he was a homosexual...."Taylor" knew and that was one reason for the ugly divorce....may he RIP...


I always got the creepy vibe from Taylor & her husband. She looks like Cruella Deville with those indents on either side of her face & he looks like a secret voyeur who would spy on women. She doesn't even use her real name & just never seemed honest to me.


i thnk they all r up their 4 the $$, i mean its like 1 or 2 thats actually married& they have no prob airing dirty laundry, $$ talks

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