Snooki With Blue Eyes: Kind of Creepy!

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Snooki of Jersey Shore fame stepped out last night with blue eyes, a big change from her usual dark brown. If it weren't for the fact that she remains a 4' orange oompa loompa-like being, we might not have recognized her!

The reality star also known as Nicole Polizzi tweeted that she thought she looked like "a vampire" with the new contacts in. It's true, we could see her on The Vampire Diaries (provided she gets devoured by a werewolf in short order).

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

What do you think of the look? Vote on her best eye color below:

Fashion Face-Off!

What's Snooki's best eye color? She recently tried out some blue contacts, but is that a good look on her? Vote! View Poll »

Wv peach

Ewww, she looks awful with blue eyes!! WTF is up with that corpse-colored lipstick? Just saying...,


Snooki looks so Pretty with Blue eyes!


I like her blue eyes ! I know her natural is brown though.


Uh fail? That looks terrible. Ian Somerhalder doesn't have to fake it to have eyes like that. His are naturally that freaking amazing. Because he's just wonderful like that.


I love her nails. So natural looking...:-)

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