Daryl Hannah Arrested Over Pipeline Protest

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Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested today as part of a sit-in near the White House in protest of a pipeline expansion project. She was one of 100 people booked by local police.

Daryl Hannah Photo

"We stand here today to just say no to slavery, to just say no to tar, sands, oil, and no to the Keystone pipeline," the Kill Bill star said, smiling, prior to being handcuffed, as first reported by CNN.

The protest focused on a huge expansion of a pipeline carrying oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico. The State Department will likely greenlight the deal before the year is over.

[Photo: WENN.com]


thanks daryl, when gas prices sky rocket b.c we're getting oil in the middle east and they want to jack up the price ... again I say kudos


Kudos to you Darryl you are a courages and caring! Super Lady! Thank you for standing up for what's right! Wish more people cared about beauty of nature then their guzzling CARS


These big oil ceo's don't care about killing our envirement! Just money face it Fossil fuels are running out!we need to focus on Green energy that will never run out! Instead of polluting our animal's habitat! Or going to war to plunder other nations for Oil! Destructive and murderous! Darryl Hannah stood up for protecting our beautiful God-created envirement.over corp greed and evrryone's selfishness!