Casey Anthony Treated For "Obvious" Mental Problems

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Casey Anthony has "obvious mental health issues." That is obvious.

What was less clear is how and where she would treat them. Well, it appears that she is receiving professional psychiatric help at home in Florida.

She's concerned about leaving home - where she's serving probation for a check fraud conviction - but knows she needs help, a TMZ report says.

Casey Anthony Mugshot
Casey Anthony Mug Shot

Not healthy.

Whatever you think happened, there is a lot of work to be done here.

The solution to get the help she needs while circumventing death threats is to have a "team" of mental health professionals visit her regularly.

Casey Anthony has also employed the help of a spiritual adviser.

The 25-year-old, who was acquitted of murdering her toddler, denied killing little Caylee Anthony, but attributes her undeniably bizarre behavior when her daughter went missing in 2008 to serious mental health deficiencies.

Sources close to Anthony say she needs to cope with the "obvious trauma of losing her child." Guilty or not, spending nearly three years behind bars in solitary confinement while awaiting trial for murder didn't help.

"It messed with her head," said a source.

Casey is also bettering herself by going to college online.


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i thought the psychologist who evaluated her in jail said she was not mentally ill? she is just an evil bag hag who murdered her baby. got the dumbest attorney in the state of fla, have him a little sumthin sumthin. then proceeded to luck out with a jury that consisted of the 12 stupidest people in the free world? what is there to treat? how do you treat evil? get her an exorcist?


All scientific pieces of evidence were trashed at the end of trial because the results were inconsistent and disputed among scientists. The jurors thus learned to exclude them in their deliberations even before the deliberations began, and that's the reason why their deliberations took a shorter time than expected. The jurors were left with only four pieces of evidence which were classified by them as "reasonable doubt� rather than "beyond reasonable doubt.� Those four pieces of evidence were: (1) that Casey lied to investigators four times; (2) that she looked at her boyfriend's "Myspace" site which shows a picture of a woman with the title "Win Her with Chloroform;" (3) that she was partying and had a tattoo when her child was dead; and (4) she did not report the death of her child to the police.


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I for one will not glorify Casey Anthony, grandparents, or anyone related to this case. The more people who watch the shows, buy the magazines, books, or movie deals, the more power and money you put into these monsters' pockets. So, people wake up!!!! Do NOT let Casey Anthony or anybody else profit from the death of sweet Caylee! I will also honor Caylee's birthday every year by spending special time with my little girl who is very close to Caylee's age. Her death will NOT be in vain in my eyes. Lastly, be good to your kids EVERYDAY.




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yeah -why isn't Casey's #1 priority finding the murderer of her daughter??? same reason OJ was out playing golf instead of looking for Nicolle's "killer"-Casey is again crying "poor me" and absorbing sympathy-was Caylee starting to get to much attention for her vain self absorbed psychotic bee-yotch skkannkk of a mother-sure looks like it because figuring out who really killed her kid is at the bottom of her to-do list-really Casey when are you going to just do the right thing and relieve your family of the misery that has been YOU for the last 25 years-


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