Carrie Fisher Drops 50 Pounds! In Nine Months!

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Carrie Fisher might be ready to don a certain gold bikini once again.

The actress appeared on The Today Show and discussed her recent extreme weight loss: 50 pounds... in only nine months!

Carrie Fisher Pre-Weight Loss
Carrie Fisher Weight Loss Pic

On the left, Carrie Fisher in January. On the right, Carrie Fisher in June. Notice a difference in body type?

Joking with host Ann Curry that she "exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes," Fisher said she owes her new figure to Jenny Craig for which, yes, she serves as spokeswoman.

"The Jenny Craig food is good... It tastes like you're cheating," Fisher said, adding that she "couldn't leave the house" during her heaviest times and that "I couldn't look in the mirror. I thought that was getting old."

The change is further evidenced by these Carrie Fisher weight loss photos.



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Hi Carrie To say the least, you are exciting, there is just something about you.


I’d like to quote Billy Crystal and say, “Carrie Fisher, you look… mahvelous!�

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