Bristol Palin Gets a Tattoo

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In the Palin family, "T" stands for "family." That makes perfect sense, then, why Bristol Palin would get a cursive "T" tattooed on herself recently.

Bristol got the ink on her right foot, with her rep explaining: "T is for Tripp, Trig, Track and Todd," her son, two brothers and father, respectively.

The totally terrific tribute. See what we did there??!

Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin

Bristol with rumored boyfriend Kyle (middle) and Chris Massey.

Palin debuted the new tattoo, not that you can see it here, at a lunch date at Pink's Hot Dogs in West Hollywood, Calif., with Kyle and Chris Massey.

She is reportedly dating Kyle Massey, much to mother Sarah Palin's chagrin, and will be starring with him and his brother Chris on a new reality show.

Yes, we're serious.

"Kyle and Bristol hit it off from the first day they met," Chris told People recently.

"We all became good friends. Over the course of the show, we only got closer and closer. Both of our families connect well. It's one big happy family."

That's not what we heard. In fact, Sarah reportedly bought a place near Bristol's Arizona digs to keep tabs on her. But who knows. Time will tell.

At least it can't be worse than the last family Bristol was involved with. No one hates the Palins, and vice versa, like Levi and Mercede Johnston.


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Totally agree with you Karen.


Why does the media insist on making people like this famous? What has she ever done
except be Sara's daughter and have a baby out of wedlock? WHO CARES THAT SHE GOT
There are important things going on in the world.


The more I see of Sarah and her family....the less I like them unfortunately.


That's an old rumor re: Bristol and Kyle. No truth to it. You guys gotta stay up on your gossip.