Sean Kingston Returns to the Stage!

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Welcome back, Sean Kingston.

For the first time since his scary jet skiing accident in late May, the artist returned to the stage this weekend in Miami. He appeared as a special guest of Nicki Minaj's, running out in front of a screaming crowd after prompting from the featured act.

It's nice to see the big man up and around, isn't it?


I have been following these voedis for a while now as well & I have to agree with you. Hip-Hop has always been a competitive genre whether if its good natured beefing or if it gets serious. You would think Lil Kim would have learned going through the B.I.G vs Pac saga & both of them resulting in death & then her doing a year in prison from her own beef with Foxy. What this has shown me is 2 things. That Lil Kim cannot handle beef if she is considered the weaker of the 2 & she is a poor student in the lessons of life. She has refused to learn from her past. And to add insult to injury is that when BIG & Pac was beefing BIG was quiet & calm one. He shot subliminals at Pac but he kept it civil. Pac was the loud mouth threating to kill him & his crew (including Lil Kim). Kim is acting like Pac & nicki is acting Like BIG. So either BIG was a bad mentor, orshe was a poor student


Well technically he's rly not that big anymore, weight wise! He looks vry good

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