Mother of Leighton Meester Alleges Assault, Bottle Attack By Gossip Girl Star

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There aren't a lot of XOXOs being exchanged between Leighton and Connie Meester. The Gossip Girl star and her mom are engaged in a war of words.

Words and dueling lawsuits.

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Connie is firing back after Leighton sued her last week, claiming in a new countersuit that the actress threw her to the ground back in December.

Leighton is accused of "repeatedly hitting her with a bottle" in a blinding rage, allegedly so crazed she had to be pulled off her mom by her brother.

Connie Meester concedes that Leighton sends her $7,500 a month, but not, as Leighton says, out of the goodness of the Gossip Girl star's heart.

Leighton says she sends that amount every month to pay for her brother's serious medical expenses, and that her mom pilfers the cash for herself.

The elder Meester claims this is all part of a settlement for the money she helped make for her daughter, and she may use it however she desires.


Go Leighten Meester! Sue your Mom who must be pathetic useing her Sick sons money! but Im sure Leighton you have enough to care for her to! In less you feel like shes` a bum it dosent` deserve it ! Im sure thats` prob. what it is! but If your Mom Has ever watched GG! watch Balir bitch will srike! Loves Blair!


Not all moms are good. Example - Casey Anthony. Momma Meester sounds like a vicious nut case. Leighton should take custody of her brother and kick her mother out of her life permanently.


Man just give you mom some money so she goes away and get on with your live ... you know family can be a pain in the behind especially when you go money.

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