Mother of Brock Ritter Defends Son's Appearance on Toddlers & Tiaras

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Toddlers & Tiaras is the most despicable show on reality television. And, yes, we know: that's saying a lot!

But many believes the TLC series sunk to a new low this week when it featured eight-year old Brock Ritter as a beauty pageant contestant. He's a boy.

The self-described "diva" hails from Michigan and has a mom, Tori, who says she's simply trying to "nurture" her child.

"I support what his ideas are and what he wants to do because people say you have to open your kids up to opportunities and let them try different things," Tori told TV Guide. "We've both played soccer. We've kicked the ball around with him in the back yard and he has no interest in doing that.

Defending the spray tan on her son as part of "dress-up," Tori has this to say about those who criticize child pageants overall:

"It would be interesting to take a poll on how many of those people have sat in an audience or have had hands-on experience in a pageant. I think the people who are bashing are on the outside looking in."

Do you think Brock should have been on Toddlers & Tiaras?


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I got to meet this little boy while I was working at the facility where the pageant was. I can tell you that stardom is in his future. Even before he told me who he was or that he was here for a pageant, I knew exactly what his personality was. Brock being in pageants, or on ANY stage, is exactly where he belongs. It is in his heart and he is so proud of himself. We do not criticize parents for putting their children on a football field or in a church choir. We have to feed our children's dreams, or else they may dwindle down to nothing like most of ours did. Encourage your children to become who THEY are, not who you want them to be.


Kudos to Brocks mom! You are amazing! If only all parents could support their children the way you do! Brock seems like a very happy well adjusted little boy! Cant express how impressed i am by your acceptance of your son and what he wants to do


Out of all the terrible little girls being pushed by there mothers I thought Beock was the most well behaved child ever to be shown on this show. Good for his mom supporting. Her son and letting him find himself. This really is kids dressing up (if you take away the crazed pushy moms) so what's wrong with this boy joining in. He had an adorable personality and all the women I know have fallen in love with him. Go Bock and Go Brock's Mom.


If brocks mother is SUPPORTING him, then I say good for her. He is what he is a we shouldn't try to force changes. BUT if she has pushed him in this direction, shame on her. I have a SIL who has 3 boys but always wanted a girl. From birth she has pushed him toward femininity but has always claimed its his wish. But I'd say darned few 2yr olds have asked to have their hair put in curlers! He's now 11 and has never had hair shorter than shoulder length. And that hair has been bleached, highlighted curled and PERMED over the years. So when you see these femme little boys, remember with some it may be nature but others may be nurture.


I have watched the show Toddlers and Tiaras a few times, even though I hate myself for it. But something about this show is rivetting. For the first time, after watching the show with Brock, I thought that maybe these pageants are okay. Brock clearly loved being in the pageant, and seemed to be actively participating in every steop. Unlike so manyof the little girls who seemed to be dragged through this process by crazy mothers, Brock seemed to be exactly in his element and he was shining! You can't make a child be "masculine." Brock is who he is, and I think we should all appreciate him for who he is. It's mean-spirited and ignorant to think that his parents should train him to be otherwise. He's wonderful! You go Brock!!


The cruel words some of you horrible people spew from your low-class, uneducated mouths is repulsive. Brock is obviously very loved, very happy and it's wonderful that his mother allows him to pursue his interests without regard to being it being a gender only issue. My son LOVED sparkly red shoes, dresses, dancing, etc. when he was Brock's age. He's now a successful, happy, involved & loving young man (who, if it matters, happens to be straight). You would have had any problems at all if it was a little girl that preferred football, dressing in overalls, wrestling and burping/farting. Brock has obviously been born into the perfect family for him. Thank God he wasn't born to one of you closed-minded, hateful people, you don't deserve such a blessing. Good for you Brock (and family!) BTW, it appeared to me his little sister was dressed in pageant clothing, maybe the show was meant to highlight Brock, not his sister.


To all you who all you let Brock do what he wants, its his life: Lets face it you don't give 2 flips about this kid. This is just amusement for you. This kid will suffer and face serious rejection for the rest of his life. He mother is helping become a transsexual. No transsexual would ever wish this on anyone else. They live their lives in hiding. Their unemployment is twice that of normal. Half of them become male prostitutes. This is the age a kid develops sexual identity and once it is screwed up it last for life. All these people who say let him live his life, don't really care if he suffers or not. They just like the side show it brings.


The kid Brock obviously has problems. But if Tori Ritter is cruel enough to encourage this behavior she should be locked up! This kid is headed for becoming a transsexual! He might be gay, but definitely a tranny. Entertaining and funny, maybe, but when he/she isn't cute anymore then he will suffer. A lot of trannies try to kill themselves. Almost no tranny would wish their life on anyone. But here is this Tori Ritter encouraging it! What an ass. Her kid will suffer the rest of his life because his stupid mother thought she was hip. The pain this kid will face is real. This is child abuse. This is the age a kid develops sexual identity. Tori is creating problems, and she could careless if the kid suffers for it. This kid will go through life ostracized and alone suffering from ridicule for Tori's amusement. No loving mother would ever choose this for her child! She should ask a really Tranny if they would choose this life for anyone, the answer is hell no!

@ Proemed

So it's pretty obvious you posted twice from two different users, and i'm sure you'll never check this, but I couldn't stand watching your trainwreck of logic. You don't 'head' to being a transexual, it's not chosen by a parent, and it's not something that can be forced out of. It does come with a lot of problems because of societal rejection and self perception issues, but it's not a symptom of transexuality. It's a byproduct that society forces on people that are different. You know what predicts worse outcomes for children/adults with sexual and/or gender identity disorders? Lack of support. People are going to be who they are--the best thing you can do for your child is provide unconditional love and acceptance. Social support is one of the most important aspects of healthy psychological development. And if you're not capable of it, don't go around trying to insult/deprive others of it.


I think Brock's mom is OUTSTANDING in her genuine support for her child as he is. I'm hetero, but I grew up in a community where your sexual orientation was the least of the terms the adults used to define us - we were artists, or musicians, or chefs or whatever else we wanted to be in whatever turn we wanted to explore. My friends and I are well adjusted with livelong friendships. Most of us are spectacularly successful and live rich and fulfilling lives - isn't that what any parent wants of their child? I feel sorry for the person who said there's a sex change in this child's future and the person who questions his father's masculinity. Shortsightedness should be as painful as stupid is.


This kid couldn't be the first ... I saw one of a kid named Braxton & his sister Alaska (who's mother was quite possibly THE most annoying mom I've seen) who both competed, although you could tell he was at the "not interested" age. I haven't watched this clip, but I'm assuming this kid acts feminine?