Melissa Molinaro Calls Out Kim Kardashian: Get a Life!

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Melissa Molinaro looks very much like Kim Kardashian. This is no secret. Old Navy admitted as much after featuring the aspiring singer in a commercial a few months ago.

But Kardashian apparently isn't flattered by the doppelganger use, as she filed a $20 million lawsuit against the company last week, claiming the ad was an "unauthorized use of Kardashian's name, likeness, identity and persona."

Now, Molinaro has responded - and basically told Kim to get a life.

Melissa Molinaro Commercial Still

"We're still talking about this?! It's JULY this aired in February...some people have too much time on there [sic] hands," Molinaro Tweeted, seeming to imply that Kardashian has nothing to do but whine and social network.

"I'm blown away by all your support and blessed to have an amazing family & friends like you!" Melissa added.

It should be noted: Kim did not mention Molinaro in the suit. She also has a line with rival retailer Sears in the works. The gloves - and, most likely, shirts - are about to come off, folks!


Malissa is a younger and a talented version of Kim Kardashian; the media should make a replacement!


Celebrities all buy the same clothes, same brands, hang out at the same places, attend same events, etc, they share hairstylists, make up artists, so why would kim be put off by Melissa for looking like her and using a style that does not belong to her to begin with? it is the entourages that makes the stars' looks 95% of the time anyway.Sounds like someone is jealous of a girl no one knew about and has accomplished more as far as talent goes. kims only talent is getting money even if she had to degrade herself in a sex tape, she will always be known for selling herself Melissa on the other hand has worked hard getting where she is and can do everything kim has attempted and failed to do.


It's understandable, when you've grown accustomed to people raving about your plastic looks for awhile and then this other girls comes along looking like an upgraded version of yourself, and she did it with less surgery,with out a sex tape, can sing,can act, can model, and actually earned her way up the entertainment ladder. kim should feel threatened and ashamed of herself. if this isn't confirmation enough for her, she should just ask her ex reggie.


Kim K is beautiful , does not matter if she has had surgery she is obviously doing her job CORRECT for you haters out there :) love you Kimmy & I personally think Mellisa is a WANNA BE KIM LMAO


this girl is way hotter thanthat stupid girl kim


i love kim k so much, but for melissa she is just too far ahead of kim when talking about beauty. so kim dear,. do yourself a favour by not stressing yourself over this k.


another thing I would like to mention, KIM PERSONALITY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha does that girl really think everyone finds that personalty attractive...I remember watch like 5 of her shows...what did it remind me of..oh yeah she's a fake person with a fake personality just to show off to the world...if she was really a joyous why would she help the american dollar not crash..haha..she's titled most beautiful person in the it beacause of the outer beauty..the most beautiful person should have both inner and outter..and her inner was soo not showwn when wanted to press charges on melissa or the agents.


Well honestly kim says she's 100 percent natural?... is that so..cuz uhh last time I certainly heard about the hollywood gossip she got botox like 3 times...oh yeah plus her wears make-up 24.7...and I'm a hair dresser and no damn well her natural hair color is certainly not black...Melissa, everyone has been talking about...can easily get more of a spotlight then kim..I think kim knows it too...that's why she wanted to press charges..everyone has their own minds, own brain, and personas can so be the same without do you think we make friends? sometimes we make friends cuz we have a simular persona trait that we like..or maybe we might differ from it! I think kim is just totally stuck up..did you ever watch her shows??? it's funny how they always show her with make-up on in her own home..melissa totally has it all..and definatly has courage to do what she did! I VOTE FOR MELISSA!!! GOD BLESS MELISSA!!!


ohhh wow ppl stop hating kim kardashian u guys must be jelous to be hating her yaahhhh i get it she did bad things but no one is perfect stoppp guys.......IM ARMENIAN AND I SHULD BE HATING HER CUZ SHE DROPED THE ARMENIAN GIRLS NAME DOWN BUT STILL WHO CARES EVERY1 MAKES MISTAKES


This girl is beautiful. Kim's not even pretty, even with all the plastic surgery. Melissa looks way more like Brittany Gastineo than Kim anyways

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