Kim Kardashian Files Suit Over Old Navy Doppelganger

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Kim Kardashian is suing mad.

The large-breasted professional celebrity has filed a lawsuit against Old Navy in which she claims the company intentionally duped the public with a lookalike (who may be dating Kim's ex!) in one of its commercials.

Making Kardashian especially irate? In an effort to boost publicity, Old Navy has been Tweeting to her account, referencing the similar-looking model. And we all know that NOTHING is more sacred to Kim Kardashian than her Twitter account.

The reality star is reportedly suing for at least $15 million, claiming the ad cost her that amount in damages. How? That's more confounding than the reason for Kim's fame.


Everyone should js stop
Hating on her& being jealous
Js because she's living the
Life all of y'all wanted to
Live, so stop tryna put down
Pple's dreams & livelihoods
When deep down all yu've ever
Wanted is somefin lyk her.
Think before you type, or it
Might js backhand yu back in
The face with yur stupid immature
Comments. Think about how yu'd
Feel, some idiots!


Ok this dumb bimbo needs to get a life. Let's sue comes im kealous and add a bunch of other stuff in there. Well Mellisa should counter sue for disgraving her image in a sex tape since Kim thinks they look so alike. If she some how wins I will be lining up to sue some stars all so and athletes for money since I have traits of theirs to.


15 mil . . ? Hello mrs.whoredarshian r u out of ur mind. . who wants to luk at u in the commercial. . .u better doing porn muvies, . . jus drop tis allegation you got your 5 minute fame. . .


Kim, anybody who saw you on DWTS and heard that awful single clearly knows that ain't you! You'd have to be dumb, deaf and blind to believe that Kim could even pull of a 30 second commercial like that!
Kims only talent is wiping of black boys ejaculation and pee off her plastic face - I say boys because no real man would deal with such a gutter wh0re!


Am I missing something how is Kim missing out on 15-20 million beacuse Old Navy hired a brunette to do their commercial - is Kim trying to say she should have been hired? Melissa is right Kim really has nothing better to do with herself... She has a fake wedding to plan and star in maybe she should concentrate on trying to fool the public she is actually in love with Kris H instead of tring to sue her exes new gf!


like she really needs more money.


i think kim is just jealous because the girl in the old navy commercial dances better than she does! did anyone see Kim on DWTS?? Atrocious!!


maybe she sue scotty pippin wife too she known as the "the hotter kim" ugh i hate this girl i wish she dissapear already


so no one is allowed to look like her? I used to think Kim was pretty but lately the girl looks harsh. She acts like she still in her teens when she is about 30. If you didn't know it was her & her talk & the arguments she has with her family, you would think you were listening to a teenager. What 30 year old slams the door on their mother?


wazit really necessary????????????

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