Justin Timberlake Accepts Invitation to Marine Corps Ball

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Justin Timberlake is headed to the Marine Corps Ball!

Asked about the invitation sent his way via video by Corporal Kelsey De Santis, the singer/actor said at a press conference late last week that he's in, schedule permitting.

It's not because De Santis quoted a classic JT song lyric. And it's not because she could likely beat him up, either. It's because Timberlake is a good American, as he jokes about in the following video.

Justin won't be the only celebrity at the armed forces event. His Friends with Benefits co-star, Mila Kunus, was initially asked to the gala by Sergeant Scott Moore.

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justin timber lake is funny in friends with benifet


It's great watching the tv stars accepting the military invitations to the ball because our military truly deserve that and much more. It is because of them that our country is "the land of the free".


who is the fuck invite miley virus on this important occasion
you have to invite selena gomez..but you dont have any sense..
This is a great event..you choose a wrong person


It wouldn't surprise me that a guy with compassion and class would accept an invitation to honor our military men & women whom sacrifice their lives to protect ours. Betty White wouldn't surprise me if she went as a guest of the young marine that had invited her! Think it's great if all celebrities would honor these young people by being their guests at such a wonderful occassion. Justin Timberlake, don't disappoint that young marine, or me! I am counting on you to do what is honorable! Thanks.