Jonah Shacknai Not a Suspect in Mystery Deaths, But Questions Remain

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The investigation into the deaths of pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai's son and his girlfriend at the historic Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, Calif., has put a spotlight on his previous marriage and several accusations of violence.

Shacknai lost his 6-year-old son Max, who died Sunday of injuries suffered when he fell down the stairs at the mansion. His girlfriend, Rebecca Nalepa (also known as Rebecca Zahau) was found dead at the mansion last Wednesday.

Her hands were bound behind her back, with her ankles tied together, and a rope around Rebecca Naelpa's neck. Autopsies are being conducted on both.

Rebecca Zahau, Jonah Shacknai

The San Diego sheriff's office said it's unclear if the deaths are related. Police said that 15 detectives have been assigned to the investigation.

Shacknai was not home during either incident, and is not a person of interest, police say, but the tragedies have brought a focus on his life.

The 54-year-old Jonah divorced Kimberly Shacknai in 1993. His subsequent marriage to Max's mother, Dina Shacknai, also ended in divorce.

There were accusations on both sides of verbal and physical assault.

In Arizona police reports obtained by ABC News, Dina Shacknai said at one point that she was "scared of what he is capable of doing to me physically … and the lengths he would go to try to 'destroy' me."

Shacknai denied the allegations, which he called "false and misleading reports," but 2008 photos show scratches on Dina Shacknai's back.

A 2008 report from Paradise Valley police in Arizona included pictures of injuries Dina Shacknai said she got from Jonah Shacknai's dog.

She told police she was attacked by her husband's German shepherd several times. She said the dog is "sensitive to changes in voice tone and body language and any tense exchange with Jonah may result in an attack response."

She told police, however, that Jonah didn't command the dog to attack.

Shacknai said his wife came at him and tried to choke him, according to the documents. Jonah and Dina Shacknai sent out a statement earlier this week saying the records release "pains us greatly" after losing their son.

Shacknai, who hired a PR firm to navigate through this, has left San Diego.

People who saw Shacknai and Zahau together said the couple had been dating for three years and seemed happy together. Zahau, 32, also seemed happy to be with Max and had a close relationship with the boy.


I can hardly believe ----------that Even in the face of New @ emlightenning Evidences --------The Sherrif -----wouldn't Open the case ------can anyone believe this ????....Someone wrote ---that while the sherrif and His "Merry band" not seem interested In exposing the truth ----In Leting Ms. Bremner Investigate It ------they Hope we --"stupid people"....will Buy their Story......well We are Not. Sherrif Is ressisting to reopen ----like protecting someone's Interests.....'Shame" on the sherrif @ the other Men who tried ----"Selling Josef for a Piece of cloth"....( Biblical story..)...


I was thinking it was Jonah's first kids from the first wife, they probably didn't like the fact that they have a step brother and another step mom, Rebecca quitted her job to watch Jonah's kids, but the kids didn't like either both of Max & Rebecca, cause of the rivalry against them, and then loud music @ 10-12am with only her and Adam @ home doesn't add up, they're adults, plus spray painting over the door saying "She saved him, Can you save her?" it's pretty's a kid's just either The kids or Dinah with the help of her twin, did it since the kids & Dina got a room in the Mansion too....


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