Jesse James and Kat Von D: It's Over!

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Jesse James and Kat Von D have broken up.

Their engagement, announced in January, will not end as planned - in a late summer wedding on the one-year anniversary of when they started dating.

The couple confirmed the split themselves.

"I am so sad because I really do love her," James, who has been married three times before, tells People. "The distance between us was just too much."

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Jesse, 42, and LA Ink star were trying to commute between Los Angeles, where Kat, 29, shoots her reality show, and his home outside Austin, Texas.

He moved there with kids Chandler, 16, and Jesse Jr., 14 (from his first marriage), and Sunny, 7 (from his second marriage) in the middle of last year.

James wanted the children to remain close with his third wife, Sandra Bullock, who lives in Austin, and with whom they had a close relationship.

Von D also confirmed the split on Twitter.

"I am no longer w Jesse," she writes, "and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that."

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Sucks that shes got his face tattooed under her left shoulder blade...unlucky.


It's great to read something that's both enjoybale and provides pragmatisdc solutions.


If the man was cheating....why would it really surprise her?? If he cheated on Sandra with her, why wouldn't he cheat with someone else?? He needs someone who needs him and doesn't have a career and who will be understanding to his lifestyle and just go with the flow - Sorry guys...that's the bottom line and the REAL Truth.


In my opinion...she is a homewrecker and always will be. If she loved him so much, she would've moved to TX and took a break for awhile from her (so called) career. Tattoos or not.... she is a whore to the majority of the public eye... As far as for Jesse James - what you see is what you get. That man doesn't really want to be tied down - if he did, he would have made it work without the temptations when he was married to Sandra Bullock. She was the best thing that ever happened to him so far...BUT, in all honesty - they were not meant to be together. They were far too different. He was just being Jesse. I know it's not easy being married to a man such as he - you either stick it out and wait for the years to settle him down or you pack up and go. PEACE to ALL...Sunshine ;)


kat deserves alot better than his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You know what they say" What comes around,goes around" and when you hurt someone like the two of you did. Well here it is back around.


Alecia has such wicked things to say...wonder what her life must be like, I wonder if she lives in a basement with blankets over the windows, computer on, junk food all over the bed, trashing everyone's life....funny how people get off saying such things...I wish much luck to both Kat and Jessie in their journey of life....

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