Beyond Breaking Dawn: Bill Condon Teases Twilight Saga Spin-Off

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We'll have plenty more from The Twilight Saga and its Comic-Con panel later today - including never-before-seen footage from Breaking Dawn Part 1 - but this scoop is too juicy to save:

Director Bill Condon just teased that Breaking Dawn might NOT be the final chapter in this franchise after all.

"It's the end of the Bella/Edward story," Condon said. "But there are so many new characters at the end of the second movie that I suspect [Stephanie Meyer] would want to revisit them some time."

THG at Comic Con

What might a new installment be titled?

"Breakfast Time," Robert Pattinson joked. "Brunch? Noon?"

Oh, that Robert.

You tell us: Should the Twilight Saga continue beyond Breaking Dawn?


I would like to see Fred come into play as a developing character after breaking dawn.. Maybe hooking up with the Dalani clan... and that way the cullins could still be present to keep it along the story line but much more back stage to the new story line... Bringing in a few of the character from breaking dawn that were so taken with renesme and maybe having the other halfling that alice found hook up with one of the danali girls as well.. That be an interesting twist to have him near renesme and jacob!


I would love to see other characters developed. I don' want a Jacob and Nessie story. It's bordering incest sort of. I think I prefer a Vampire for Nessie rather then a nasty dog. ugh I want the Midnight Sun to be completed. Please Stephenie. I still say Edwards thoughts are more important than Jacobs. I don't understand why Taylor's role became so big. New moon was only good when Edward was in the scene. The wolves did not carry the movie that well. It would have been better also if Sam and Emily had a bigger role. Some of his scenes spoiled everything.


You're a real deep theinkr. Thanks for sharing.


they should publish midnight sun stephanie meyer should finish it.

Team me

Ummmm... there should absolutely be a spin-off.
Jacob and Renesmee style. How perfect would that be? The Volturi are still around and probably severely pissed off. So Jake & Nessie have a kid. OMG VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF CHILD. Perfect. Volturi would use that as an excuse to try to come kicking some ass again. Stephanie could do SO MUCH with that. And I bet that's exactly what she'll do.
However, it wouldn't be bad if this story didn't make it to the big screen. The books are so much better.


I think it's enough.
Except,steph has some good material to tell of.
And no,if there're edward and bella in it.


would also love to see all of the books finished from Edwards point of view like midnight sun has started. midnight sun is like a whole different side of the story...the saga must continue...


I would love to see the story continue with Renesmee and Jacob meeting Freaky Fred from the Bree Tanner story. Remember Bree's parting thoughts given to Edward..."if you ever meet Fred someday-be nice to him...perfect spin off.....


I would love for her to finish the series from Edwards point of view... that would be awesome!.. and I would also love one more book to see what happens with Bella, Edward, their daughter and Jacob...


Stephanie needs to give us more Jakob!!!!!

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