Beverly McClellan Discusses Improbable Run on The Voice, Next Career Moves

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“I’m a mixture of blues and rock with a shot of Southern Comfort.” - Beverly McClellan

The openly lesbian, bald rocker who made it all the way to the finals of NBC’s The Voice calls herself a Janis Joplin-Melissa Etheridge-Etta James hybrid.

That's quite a statement, but the Florida native proved with her recent run on the reality hit that she's got the vocal chops to make such a bold claim.

Excerpts from Beverly's interview with TV Line this week ...

On her reaction to success on The Voice: "Where the hell did the rock and roll go? Epic moments were made: We need those again. I have no fear."

"I’m a bit of a rebel, a kid that never grew up. I feel like I’m finally, for once in my life, where I need to be, showing the right people, even if it’s not something I planned on doing: Come out here and get famous."

"I thought, “S***, I have just as much chance as anyone else.” Am I blown away that I came this far? Yeah. But I don’t want to slow the train down."

On making the finals (finishing right behind Dia Frampton and Javier Colon) as an openly gay singer: "Listen, dude, we’ve got to be the change we want to see. I have to set that precedent for myself."

"I can lay down at night and think, 'Wow. I did everything in a way that I can live with myself.' And the children are our future: How can we show them a different way if we don’t continue it with every step we take?"

"Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be a bit of a rebel, but break the right rules. There are the ones that need to be broken. I’ve never not lived out loud, and I’ve known my sexuality since a young age - kindergarten, really."

On her blind audition: "Honey, I didn’t go out there set for them to not turn around: I went out there with the Sword of Troy. I was singing so hard my veins were popping out of my head, and I could see the spit slinging from my mouth."

"And just in that split instant I saw Christina and Adam turn around, and I was like, 'Oh, it’s on now.' [Laughs.] Of course I had to go with Christina: Why freaking not? She sings her face off. She’s an icon."

On the battle round with Justin Grennan: "We sat and we practiced. And it was royally wonderful. So at the end of the day it was just a matter if they wanted shrimp or chicken, because they’re both awesome."

America needs to watch out, ’cause they’re not even ready for what’s coming to them: Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Emily Valentine, Tyler Robinson, Kelsey Rey, and so many other folks from The Voice. And the list goes on.

On what's next: "Everything! America needs to watch out, ’cause they’re not even ready for what’s coming to them: Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Emily Valentine, Tyler Robinson, Kelsey Rey, and so many other folks from The Voice."

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Beverly is a phenomenal singer/performer. We will definitely see more of Beverly McClellan!!!


I loved watching Beverly throughout the show. She's 100% energy. She rocks every performance, she gives it her all, and she sings in tune (something that the others on Christina's team did not do). Here's hoping Beverly gets some good gigs after the show, and a recording contract. I'd see her any day. Beverly, Dia and Nakia are my favorites and I'll be watching to see what happens to them after the show.


I would think that this woman's next move would be to try out for American Idol because that is what karaoke singers tend to do.