Javier Colon Speaks on The Voice Victory

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Even though Javier Colon won The Voice Wednesday night, it still hasn’t completely sunk in yet. The 34-year-old says he's still in disbelief.

“I was 100 percent in my mind, I was ready and prepared for Carson to say, ‘The winner of The Voice is Dia Frampton," he tells Celebuzz

"I was going to be okay with that because I absolutely love Dia ... She is amazing and deserved a win as much as we all did. We all have the same dreams and are trying to succeed in a very hard business."

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"But in that moment, when he announced my name, it was unexpected. I am very, very thankful to those who voted for me. It was so close."

Below are a few excerpts from Celebuzz's talk with Javier:

On Adam Levine's reaction off the air: "He was emotional about me and my situation. He genuinely wanted me to win so badly. It wasn’t that he wanted his team to beat the others, it was because he wanted me to succeed."

"To see him get emotional meant a lot to me because it reaffirmed the fact that he really cares. We’re going to be friends for a very long time."

On Justin Bieber's last-minute support: "Adam had played basketball with Justin at one point and knew his manager Scooter Braun, so they both tweeted out to their millions of followers to vote for me."

"Not sure if it was Adam’s connection to Justin or what, but he decided to put his support behind me, and it really meant a lot."

On his upcoming album: "I’m hellbent on making sure this album is the real me that I’ve always wanted to have a chance to be, that unfortunately with my last label I wasn’t able to do. I want these songs to move people and that mean something to me - and hopefully mean something to those who listen to the album."

"It will have a soulful vibe but it’ll still be more pop than R&B."

On his family's response to the win: "I don’t think my daughters fully understand what this means for me and our family, but they were really excited."

"After the show, my oldest daughter, who is 3 1/2, ran up to me on the stage to give me a big hug. She said, ‘Daddy, we saw you win on TV!’ It was sweet."

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javier deserve to win,you know i give credit to Adam for his hard work,and that hard work reveiled from javier's result cos javier have the quality and he is a star.vow to you all jealous minded.go team adam victorious.




Who still buys CD's???? Javier's an amazing sing!! And so is Dia, but its a game show! The real winner will be who gets the first Grammy!!!


I was expecting Dia and want her to win then Carson said Javier and i applauded with joy....so you you guys do the math..lol.


These comments are dumb. He won because he is good. Blake pushed for everyone to vote for Dia constantly. Adam not so much for Javier, just be happy for the man. He has two little girls and a wife.


It's so sad how many people are acting. Javier had a great voice and so did dia. Why put one contestant down because yours didn't win. It was a great show with lots of competition. Just because javier didn't have most downloads on itune. There was voting on nbc and by telephone!!j


Javier has an undeniably beautiful voice. But, the reality is that I wouldn't buy his CD. And, I'm not alone in that. He doesn't have that quality that makes people buy his music (or else his previous record deals would have made him a star). I will buy Dia Frampton's CD. And Xenia's CD. They should have let the voting rely upon fans of the show, because in the end that is who is going to buy music. The first warning should have been that Dia moved more sales on iTunes than Javier. That is people speaking in the clearest way. The world is full of people with great voices. That's not the only thing you need to sell music. You need to have star quality. Javier is not a star. Dia will be.


Adam cheated... If the voice coaches going to continue like this "The Voice" is not going to last long.


Javier won because he is an amazing singer and deserved the title, not because Adam asked friends to support him. You guys need to stop hating, the competition was tough, who even cares about that bieber crap? Adam did a great job as a coach and you can tell, because Javier won. Get over yourselves and whatever problems you have, Javier deserved to win. Team Adam all the way!!


Is Justin Bieber going to tweet when it comes to selling his album?

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