Aubrey Wolters, 16 & Pregnant Cast Member, Suffering from Tumor

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Aubrey Wolters has made headlines for plenty of things she can take the blame for, but not this. The 16 and Pregnant star has a tumor.

The youngster has lost a visible amount of weight, but not from drug use or any other self-inflicted condition. She's in a lot of pain.

Wolters is suffering from a sizable tumor in her throat that has left her unable to eat or sleep, her mother, Shelly Wolters, reports.


"It's huge," the elder Wolters says of her legally troubled daughter. "It's almost the size of your fist. She has to get it taken out."

Aubrey recently made headlines for getting arrested for drugs and shoplifting at a Prescott Valley, Ariz., Walmart. She was cited for having pills without a valid prescription, as well as possession of dangerous drugs.

Wolters says her daughter, who currently has no health insurance and so is unable to undergo treatment, will be returning to court to have her record expunged. She emphasizes that Aubrey was not charged with shoplifting.

In the meantime, the most important thing is Aubrey's health.

Wolters says that her daughter was checked out by doctors at Oregon Health Science University who diagnosed the tumor as noncancerous.

But because Aubrey doesn't have insurance - and is a single mother trying to keep her apartment and hold down a job - she's lived with it.

"The last time I saw her she has a hard time sleeping, eating, breathing," says Wolters. "It is something she needs to get taken care of but she wants to get a job to keep her apartment and raise Austin."

Aubrey, who is married to, but legally separated from her baby daddy, Brandon Akerill, has a one-year-old son, Austin Carter Akerill.

"Trying to take care of yourself always seems to be at the bottom of the list," Wolters lamented. "It's affected her. She is not herself."

"She is good girl. She is just struggling like most new parents."

Wolters says that the pills found in Aubrey's purse were Brandon's Ritalin, and the so-called "dangerous drug" belonged to her friend.

"Aubrey is really trying hard to be a single mom," Wolters says. "She and Brandon broke up and she is working hard to raise Austin."


I live in Arizona and I know how easy it is for a single mother to get insurance. I'm calling this girls bluff!


Well, this is sad. I'm from New Zealand and healthcare is free. Never would someone have to put up with a tumour in their throat cos they couldn't afford to have it removed. To walk into the hospital here is free.


I agree with chely, join us in the real world mrs .normal.


@ abby normal u obviously have insurance because ppl who dnt, live wit all kinds of pain. Just walking in the er is hundreds of dollars and ppl who dnt have ins arent going to chance going to the hospital for something stupid so they usually hope it will go away or finally cant take the pain and go in. Not going to the hospital in no way shape or form shows a person has bad judgement. Cant say the same about your comment though.


Mom: Stop making excuses for your daughter. Let her face the consequences of her actions...good or bad & be there with kind support, not enabling.
As for her medical situation, if shes indeed having problems breathing, she should get this tumor taken care of now. Not doing so..shows her lack of judgment. Insurance shouldnt matter if you cant breathe.


This is heart-breaking news. I feel so sorry for her. Best of wishes Aubrey. Hope you survive this one. Cancer is such a terrible disease.