Aubrey Wolters Akerill, 16 & Pregnant Star, Arrested For Shoplifting and Drug Possession

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16 and Pregnant star Aubrey Wolters Akerill became a wife and mom before finishing high school, but don't mistake those milestones for maturity.

Aubrey was arrested after she and a friend were recently caught shoplifting at a local Walmart in Prescott, Ariz., according to a police report.

Her baby was there. That makes the stars of Teen Mom look angelic.

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A police report states that Aubrey stole $29.66 worth of cosmetics from the store, and was found in possession of drugs after she was busted.

Aubrey was in possession of Ritalin, the stimulant used to treat ADHD, and the powerful painkiller OxyContin. She had prescription for either.

Both Aubrey Wolters Akerill and her friend were hit with shoplifting charges and ordered to stay away from the local Walmart for one year.

The mom of 17-month-old Austin is also being charged with unlawful possession of a prescription drug and possession of a dangerous drug.

As police hauled Aubrey off to juvenile detention, estranged husband and baby daddy Brandon Akerill was called to come pick up their son.

This isn’t the first time the underage mom has had legal problems. Last year, an unpaid speeding ticket resulted in a suspended license.

Moreover, Aubrey drew criticism after her appearances on MTV because of her hard partying and explosive temper, even around her child.

But fans of the MTV series were hopeful that she and Brandon, who wed on the show, could create a stable family. Doesn't look like it.


Love u Aubrey! Where do u buy ur makeup and clothes? I'm naming my son after ur son! (Austin Carter)Love u and wish to meet u someday and get ur autograph! Love, #1 Fan


Aubrey, u did shoplift, ur a nasty person to be around. CPS should take ur kid from u! LOL!


Aubrey, You're making it worse. Whatever the charges and whatever happened, you got caught. You're setting a bad example for your child. I'm from Prescott, Az and I know how the police over exaggerate but you still did this in front of your child. And you still were in possession of prescription drugs. Whether you have a prescription and actually need them or not, you put yourself and your child in a bad situation. And being on 16 and pregnant didn't help. You're going to have to live with it. If you screw up at all, your fault or not, you have to live with it. Maybe next time you'll stay away from the camera. Don't be an attention whore.


Aubrey, recent on not, you shoplifted. While you had your baby. And you had drugs on you. Get a life and grow up.


she says the pain killer was for someone else but what about the Ritalin eh??


I love how you put that it was recently even though it was over a year ago! & I Also love how you post that I stole 31 dollars worth of makeup when in the police report it clearly states the other girls name. I had no stolen property in my possesion.


Brooke And Cody seem to be the Only one's who have it together out if all of these girls! Aubrey is crazy And unfit!


You could tell from the 16 and pregnant where are they now show they aired a few weeks back she was on drugs.... all these girls are big messes.


I agree with Jamie. This is just another young woman that didn't need a child. there are so many loving families out there that could have truly taken care of that precious angel.


Teen mom's like her make all us teen mom's look bad.

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