America's Got Talent Results: Who Survived?

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After a night of mediocre performances Tuesday, the preview for last night clearly set the five performers up even before the eliminations took place.

There was nothing surprising about this week's America's Got Talent results except for the fact that America didn’t mind the more flamboyant efforts.

Let's break down how it all played out ...

AGT Results Show

Eliminations, Part 1: The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas John, Silhouettes - The Rhinestone Ropers failed because they thought that an animal performance would have been dynamic, but after so many failed bird acts it was inevitable that they would be cut. The fact that there was no dog act this year should have signaled the Ropers not to try the horse. With two X's Thomas John's hopes were pretty slim.

The Silhouettes were through easily. Sure they may have pandered to the American theme, but I just hope that they will do shapes that could stand on their own without any projections to help America.

Guest Performance: Hot Chelle Rae "Tonight Tonight" - Is anyone else reminded of Michael Cera when staring at lead singer Ryan Follese? The performance wasn't here or there. At least the vocals weren't lip synced.

Eliminations, Part 2: Steven Retchless, Attack Dance Crew, Geechy Guy - Attack Dance Crew was rough around the edges and they didn't play up the black light aspect that they could have. Geechy Guy was subjective; on second viewing, it wasn't as funny.

Again, in a night of mediocre performances Steven made it through without the judges having to pick him. Steven's routine may have been a bit over the top and risky, but he now has time to tweak his performance. Seeing Steven in the results, he shouldn't have painted his face.

Eliminations, Part 3: Daniel Joseph Baker, Dani Shay, Dyllan Andre - Dani was pitchy and Dyllan was boring. It's a shame seeing that making fun of Justin Bieber was Dani's peak on this show. Daniel was fierce and made it through, proving again that America was a bit more open than I expected. Maybe Howie's suggestion of adjusting to Middle America was moot.

Guest Performance: Traces - So the gist of Traces is that they are the street version of Cirque Du Solei? They don't have to wear silly and somewhat scary clown outfits but instead focus on cool sequences. The parkour moves on the two stripper polls showed that men could do motions that were still very masculine, and Steven should be worried.

Eliminations, Part 4: Smage Brothers, Mona Lisa, Landon Swank - The three acts actually provided performances that were solid. Mona Lisa's performance sounded better in playback but with Daniel through, I thought that Mona Lisa would be redundant. I was reminded that the Smage Brothers routine looked just like last season's Jeremy VanSchoonhoven except with motors.

Landon had a great trick, but he seems destined for the Wild Card round. Mona Lisa was eliminated leaving the fourth and fifth place as Smage Brothes and Landon to the judges. The vote went to Sharon first and she voted for the Smage Brothers. Piers voted for Landon. We finally got to hear a third vote and Howie voted for the Smage Brothers.

Landon would be the only performer that deserves a second chance. His routine wasn't bad, but he needed to wow us and he didn't. The mirror routine would have fit perfectly between epic explosions and disappearing acts in a full Vegas show, but it didn't work for a 90 second performance. The only other group that deserves a second chance are the Rhinestone Ropers if they promise not to have the horse.

What do you think of last night's America's Got Talent results?


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oh, come on, the pole dancer was very entertaining but i really do love the silhouettes, they bring something very good worth watching, i wonder whats next for them on the table....i love u Howie.....


I think that piers is outright mean and i believe having that pole dancer is seems that some people are just boring and stupid and they dont appreciate real talent. talent is just not singing dancing and doing magic acts. Talent is anything. Piers does not know talent because pole dancing is talent. Oh i love Daniel. He was fierce.


I think Landon the magician was one of the best magicians I have ever seen. So what he didnt wow us he deserved another chance. The motorcycles I didnt see they could go much farther in a las vegas show. The magician would go far though. He should have been picked. The pole dancer should have gone home. He was terrible. In my opinion the only good acts were the sillhoettes, the magician and the young boy who played the piano and sang. It was a bad night for acts.


My thoughts on last night:
I think the Silhouettes deserve to go all the way. Their act is completely entertaining and I would definitely pay to see them. Geechy Guy is one of the worst acts ever in AGT. Dani bugs me with her androgynous look. I can't figure out who she wants to be. She has a pretty voice but I wish she would sing more mainstream songs that we would recognize. Piers seemed to have a stick up where the sun don't shine last night and he was positively scathing at times. The way he badgered the guy with the horse was sickening to watch. Even though I didn't care for the act last night I still feel that there is no reason for Piers to be so nasty. I felt really sorry for the guy (and the horse!).


I agree, last year there were lots of candidates. This year, they are few and far between. Silhouettes was by far the best and was the only act that really wowed me. We'll see what happens next!! I agree with Piers in most cases, he's not easily fooled.


This is the worst AGT ever. The only intelligent person is Piers and the only funny person is Nick Cannon. Howie is as fake as they come and Sharon is entertaining.The talents have gone down since previous years with a few exceptions. Why is a pole dancer chosen is beyond me. Let us go dummer seems to be the best slogan.

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