Aaron Carter on Michael Jackson Drug Story: FALSE!

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Aaron Carter made headlines this week for an OK! Magazine report that quoted him as saying Michael Jackson provided him with cocaine at the age of 15. There's just one problem:

The singer never said anything of the sort!

A rep for Carter didn't simply label the tale a complete fabrication, he referred to an actual YouTube video of the interview between Carter and Daphne Barak. It's hard to argue with this evidence, isn't it?

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Ohmegosh! I totally agree with you filipiniana piña! I can't belib that this fake person exist in freakin' lupa! Put this little worm to sleep! -- passing by. Okie, i'm getting blind reading fake stories..Now, i know i need to protect my eyes. See you! --don't blame Aaron if he was born awesome!


Another trash news! Magosh! This is so annoying! Aaron fafa ayiee denied the rumor, so why bothered? Blame all the responsible behind all of this lies. They're making money to tell lies? Ok, let's wait the judgment day. We stay out of it. Bye.. I just drop by! End of fairy tales!


Aaron is claiming that the reporter has lied and that he never said that MJ gave him drugs. He is insisting that Daphne edited his
interview to slander MJ.


What the fuck!


I think HE was on drugs and i sing better karaoke then he sing.


Fucking douchebeg wants the limelight, using someone s name that too a legend..... let him be in peace....ac kid fake voice n definetly an a*****e.......


Liar liar.

Love you

i think AC wants to be famous again and bcz of that he's doing this shit...i guess


One thing that is funny. Aron says in the interview that he's gonna protect MJ's legacy. Strange way to do it. And he imitates MJ"s sign with the hands together. I don't know what it is called. But it is annoying to me when Aron does it. Are you trying to be like MJ or what? Mission impossible dude!! You can't fake it. You have to have it within you. I Think I know what sheen thinks about you Aron. You are a troll!!


damn why don't they leave michael alone and let him rest in peace!!

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