51st State? Conservative Counties Want to Secede, Form South California

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Will there be a 51st state called South California? No, there will not. But 13 mostly conservative counties there are floating the idea to make a point.

One official, local Republican Jeff Stone, has asked fellow members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to support a motion to do just that.

He wants to bring together officials from the 13 counties to discuss the idea.

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Stone said California is too big to govern, a situation that has led the Golden State to raid local government coffers because of runaway spending.

He knows it will be a challenge to create another state but doesn't believe impossible. "We are sending a message," Stone told the L.A. Times.

That message is that it may be a giant waste of everyone's time at the taxpayers' expense, but it can still generate widespread media attention.

Even if the 13 counties were serious, the U.S. Constitution says no state can be formed without consent of Congress and the state Legislature.


People need to wake up instead of constantly saying "It won't happen" those words are the very reason the country is in the position it is now. Now more than ever it is perfectly plausible for this to happen giving California's economic situation. The state is most certainly headed for a bad economic future as is.


It wont happen. Congress cant even agree what to order for lunch. Diversity within its own lines make for challenges but teaches us compromise, provided we're willing to learn.