Snooki and Jionni LaValle: Back Together?

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Snooki and Jionni LaValle recently broke up.

Yet here they are back in Seaside, a few short weeks after he peaced out of Florence, looking happy as can be with JWoww and beau Roger Williams.

The cast returned to Jersey this week after spending the spring abroad. It didn't take long for Snooki and Jionni to reunite for a Garden State stroll:

Snooki, Jionni, JWoww, Roger

Fortunately for the photographers, the little people walked in front.

Are they officially back on? Were they ever off? Do you want them to be together? Do you care? Would you hit it? So many unanswered questions linger.

Jersey Shore returns for its Italian-style fourth season August 4. Filming for the following season is already underway, with no plans to replace the cast.


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Look, Snooki cheated on her man 3 times already. Once with Mike, once with Deenie, and once with Vinny. Every time she really doesn't remember because Snooki get so drunk she can't remember. Wait and see. She will do it again. Once a cheater always a cheater. Jionni is in for a life of heartache. If the girl stops being a drunk lush then maybe, just maybe the relationship will go further.


I think Jionni is a douche bag. Snooki can do so much better. She is who she is and no matter what she does or how she does it, she is a good person with a good heart. Yes she gets a little crazy when shes drunk but who doesn't Jionni needs to figure out how to deal with that or just move on. He honestly doesn't love her anyway, if he did there is no way he could call her the names he calls her or treat her the way he treats her and honest to God be in love with her. Snook just needs to get rid of him before she gets hurt any worse than she already has.


Thats funny how people get upset with the cast/Show... If you dnt like it dont watch. I however love js. I LOVE THE CAST!. Good luck to snooky and Jionni.


Maybe people are laughing but they are laughing all the way to the bank making now $100,000 per episode!! I love the show & I would take $100,000 per episode for people to laugh at me too!!


Jionni is sexy. And yes they do look very cute together because they're both little. And Roger and jenny look good together because they both built and tall. Sexy couples :) only thing I don't get about jionni is he kinda contradicts himself...he's embarrassed by snooki lifting up her skirt and talking dirty which is understandable. She's not single anymore she can't be acting like she is. But he doesn't like he doing shit like that ...but then he takes her back after she fks mike, hooks up with deanna, and looks like shes with vinny right after he leaves. Yah she really does a good job of proving herself to him. That's ten times worse then lifting up your skirt and he doesn't get mad over that?? I find people so odd.


I live in, I am not Italian but I am still offended at your post RANDOM (grab a set and use your name next time please). No one who lives near me looks or acts like anyone from The Jersey Shore...while I am disgusted by much of the behavior....they are KIDS AND it's just a damn show....but please, do not LUMP NJ in with this is youth NOT NJ!


Awww they look soo cute. Dontt need to worry about themm haterss :D


rosiemarie snooki is 4 ft 9in she has slimmed down now what u on about dont u see the differnace since jersey shore first started her and jionni do look really cute together though i agree i hope it works out for them this time round though


The pairings of moronic 22yr olds is now news worthy? Come on! Dig for crap someplace other than New Jersey.


Snookie , how much do you weigh? and how tall are you
Is it hard to keep your weight down , Iam 4'7 and weigh
120 I cant seem to lose weight. whats your secret I think
you and your boyfriend make a great couple.

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