They're Back: Jersey Shore Cast Returns to Seaside

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After six weeks in Italy, the cast of Jersey Shore is back where they belong.

Seaside Heights, N.J., will once again have to beef up its police force and the staffing of its free clinics. JWoww, Sitch, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammi, Deena, Pauly D and effing Snooki gave returned to their familiar cesspool stomping grounds:

Back 2 the Shore

The gang was reunited with loved ones at a private party at Captain Hook's, a popular bar in the area. Filming has already begun on the fifth season.

"We love the current cast and their summer adventures have just begun," an MTV spokesperson said. "We currently have no plans to recast the show."

Jersey Shore Season 4, depicting the misadventures of the crew in the old country, is set to premiere Thursday, August 4. Prepare yourselves.



was at the house yesterday saw vinny sporting a new mohawk..


Is that Snooki in the center? Its face is gray like a ghost! I'm creeped out...


Excited for this premiere! I'm also excited for the premiere of the new show on the Food Network, Extreme Chef!! Its this Thursday, June 30th at 10pm/9c. So excited!!


aa.. I can hardly wait when they will be in the seaside again ! I love this place


that doesn't look like jwoww???