Selena Gomez Tweets Gratitude to Fans

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Selena Gomez is out of the hospital, grateful for your support - and ready to take the stage!

The singer was first hospitalized on Thursday night and then returned to the doctor over the weekend, as various sources said she was being treated for high blood pressure, food poisoning and exhaustion.

Some even speculated, falsely, that she had been knocked up by Justin Bieber.

Hey, Selena Gomez!

But Selena Tweeted today that she's "feeling much better" and added: "Thank you all for being so understanding. Can't wait to see you all today at Santa Monica Place for the Monte Carlo kickoff!"

The performance will mark her first in a series of 10 tour stops.


her name is SELENA
and nobody can stop her
i love u princess


Man, if Selena was my gf, I would be putting a hurting on her!! Especially the beiber is at that ripe age where teenage boys lose their minds when they get some action!! You know, for those of you that think they don't get it must be out of your mind!! SKEET SKEET!


Blood pressure is code for abortion!!!!! Lmao!


She had an abortion!!!!!


she's always been thin. she still has bigger boobs than any other disney girl


I'm so happy she's feeling better. At first I was aittle suspicious about bieber and gomez gettin it on but I'm over that now I kno thts not true and I'm also glad she remembered to thank her fans (y)


Well I have to say after the photo of her with Bieber on the beach, she just doesn't look to me like she eats correctly(she very slim).
And the reports of blood pressure problems and exhausted could be the results of not eating right. I know I fell out one time for not eating proper meals.
But I am happy that she is feeling better.

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