DeShawn Stevenson to LeBron James: How's My Dirk Taste?!?

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If there's any place on the planet without an Internet connection, LeBron James may wanna head there. ASAP.

The Heat forward, whose team lost 105-95 in Game Six of the NBA Finals last night, is being widely criticized around the league for his passive play and arrogant attitude. And now he's being trashed talked by a guy with a backward "P" tattooed on his face.

Following his team's victory, DeShawn Stevenson donned a t-shirt in the Dallas locker room that said in all. In homage to Shaquille O'Neal 2006's taunting of Kobe Bryant, it reads: Hey LeBron! How's My Dirk Taste?

DeShawn Stevenson T-Shirt

It's a reasonable question. After all, Dirk Nowitzki was named MVP of the Finals. LeBron? In the final five minutes, with the game within five points in either direction, he didn't score a single point all series.

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