Mildred Patricia Baena: No Birth Certificate Fraud Up in Here!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress Mildred "Patty" Baena didn't commit fraud on their love child's birth certificate, she says - she never signed nothin'!

Facing a potential lawsuit from Rogelio Baena, her then-husband who claims he was led to believe he was the father, Patty tells a very different story.

According to sources close to Mildred Patricia Baena, she never asked to put Rogelio on the birth certificate, nor did she tell anyone he was the dad.

That includes the hospital staff or Rogelio himself.

Mildred Baena, Love Child

Patty says Rogelio directed hospital staff to put his name on the birth certificate because he believed it would help him score U.S. citizenship.

However, Patty says she never signed it and made it clear during her pregnancy that he wasn't the daddy, since he was out of the country.

Rogelio is talking about plans to sue both Patty and Arnold for tricking him into thinking he was the father of their love child for 13 years.

Patty claims no one lied ... except Rogelia, to ET.


She puts the UG(h) in Ugly!


She should go back to scrubbing toilets on all 4's. Oh wait, that's how she got into this mess.


I feel sorry for this kid. If the mother would put his well being first, as she should, she'd cut the crap and get out of the media spotlight.


This child had been brought into a web of deceit. There will be few who will know and love him as he should be because, at his young age, there are so many stories that surround his mother's Name, that No matter how important his "True Lies" father's attention toward him is, the trust with his older siblings will more than likely be a void. His mother is a fraud by living a double life in the household while the family that employed her(forget Arnuld) trusted her like a family member. These two "in heat" parents of this child betrayed the very people in the household that they worked and lived in. You have to be able to pray day and night around the clock to be able to "try" to forgive that kind of audacity and betrayal!!


she's Soooooooo LYING...She did that all herself

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