Lady Gaga to Learn Sign Language For Deaf Fans

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Lady Gaga is ready to put her paws up ... and communicate with them!

The hardest working woman in show business says she was recently inspired to learn American Sign Language (ASL) so she can communicate with her deaf fans.

Lady Gaga plans to take lessons with a personal tutor, she says, after being inspired by watching YouTube clips of her deaf fans signing along to her songs.

A source explained, "once she's mastered sign language she'll be able to respond to the videos that are online, and include signing in future live tours."

Lady Gaga, Blue Wig

This is ... a pretty awesome gesture on her part, we have to say.

People have said plenty of unflattering things about the Lady, but accusing her of phoning it in or not caring about her fans have never been among them.

Our only concern is that Gaga is going to burn herself out. With such a relentless touring and interview schedule, how is she going to fit tutoring in?

Even the Mother Monster must require sleep, right?

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Deaf people allso inpportand


joesr31 not to be rude but your comment was kind of ignorant... its not your fault you've probably never met a deaf person but just so you know most deaf people love music. they can read the words but the beat and feel of it all is so powerful


Gd gd gaga is learning love u lady gaga always and forever u inspire me


Every time that "Judas" starts on the radio I make a dash to change the channell. It does my head in.


As for why Deaf people would love Lady Gaga's music, it has rythem and that is what they are relating to as are everyone else who is dancing to the music. Dame Evelyn Dennie is a world reknowned percussionist, granted her honor by the Queen of England AND she is deaf! Lady Gaga's plan to sign her concerts will join Sweet Honey in the Rock, a women's singing group, that has been signing their concerts for over 35 years...and it is like watching finger/arm dancing of the highest order. The world of Deafness and disability is far more rich and complex than previous writers can even your eyes and start asking questions, rather than thinking you know anything about things you know nothing about.


Giving the finger isn't exactly sign language.


and @ladyandthetramp ROFL! So funny!


Thats always good! Its considerate of her for sure, but idk how its going to help..


I wonder what the deaf language sign is for "disco stick" ?


i dont get it if they are deaf,why are they even her fans?


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