Khloe on Kourtney: Former Wild, Strip-Teasing, Underwear-Vibrating Lesbo!

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Kourtney Kardashian was not always the wooden, script-reading reality star you groan over each week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

At least not according to sister Khloe.

Khloe and Kourtney on Late Night

In discussing their upcoming novel with E! News (yes, the sisters are writing a novel), Kourtney and Khloe said various aspects of the book may embellish on actual events, but there is also enough material from their lives to make for an interesting read. For example:

"Kourtney used to wear vibrating underwear in clubs and give someone else the remote and let them turn it on and off and she would orgasm at all times," Khloe teased.

That's.... cute?

The untitled novel will also focus on some same-sex shenanigans, Khloe promises, because Kourtney was "a wild living, strip-teasing lesbo in college."

See, if the family's reality show writers actually included details such as this each week, we might tune in with interest on Sunday nights. Instead, we spend the half hour contemplating activities that would be more exciting than watching the poorly-acted scenes on screen.

Watching paint dry...reading the phone book... recounting the professional sports teams of Kim's ex-boyfriends...


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What a wonderful example this book will be for future generations of Kardashian's! Poor Mason is NOT going to want to read or know about his mothers whorishness when he is old enough to understand! He and other future K's will lose all respect for these women, and it's probably not a bad thing considering whzt these ho's do for money!


horrible n shameless whoredarshians. way to go. hw abt a new family porn movie? always in d news for d bad n disgusting things.


kortne ur all dum dump scott's a** alreadlly


its ge there wii come time on't approve of kourtney disrespecting her mother by scott. there wiil come a timed ascnd
sscott gets tired of kourtneys ass. do you know who will you run to to your mom.