Huma Abedin, Wife of Anthony Weiner: Pregnant!

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Turns out, Anthony Weiner can do more with his penis than simply send pics of it over Twitter. The embattled Congressman can also use it to procreate.

In a shockingly-timed turn of events, sources confirm that Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant. She just revealed the news to her husband this week.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner will have an important lesson to teach his children: Don't be like daddy.

On Monday, the politician admitted that he had sent numerous women inappropriate photos of himself, while also acknowledging relationships with them that settled somewhere between mistress and pen pal.

During an emotional press conference, Weiner referred to Abedin - who is an aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton - as a "remarkable woman" and said the couple would remain together.

“We will weather this,” Weiner said. “I love her very much, and she loves me.”

The couple has reportedly told friends and family about the pregnancy, which is their first. Abedin departed yesterday for a trip to Northern Africa with Clinton.


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what a prick, his wife looks super cute.


Bo Bo on top of Monkey


Holy Crap she is prego!!?? Damn I feel sorry for her. What a fucking douche bag!


She must hate him so much right now. If I were her I'd be seething! I'll be surprised if their marriage lasts.


I can easily believe that Arnuld, "The Sperminator" is body building for joy that another politician/member of the fool of the month club has taken him off the front pages of the scandal sheets for a while!!


@pak31: Now that you mention it, yeah! Lol. Kinda telling that it is him and him only saying he and his wife love each other and will get through this and blah blah blah... Usually the wives of these jerks are right there, "standing by their man" in the beginning. This one is not there and she has not even given a statement. Sounds to me like she is carrying on with her life and also doing some thinking while away. Don't be so sure your life is going to continue on as if nothing happened man, The fact that you got her pregnant means you were having sex with her at the same time you were sending out pics of your junk to other women. Not something most wives would so quickly get over. Plus you tried to lie about it for a while. You were a total douchebag, don't be surprised when you get treated like one!


Frisbee-face (as in he looks like he has one in his mouth)


Does anyone else think the guy looks like Squidward?


He'll just be another little prick! (The matzo ball doesn't fall far from the tree).


poor kid, its gonna be ugly