George Anthony Cries on Stand, Implies Daughter Killed Caylee

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Yesterday, George Anthony took the stand and defended himself against allegations that he carried on an affair with a woman who was helping him search for his grandchild, Caylee.

Today, he implied that daughter Casey is behind Caylee's death.

"The car smelled like human decomposition. Caylee was last seen with Casey," George testified, growing emotional. "One and one adds up to two in my mind. I was trying to put all the stories together. "

Casey Anthony shook her head and scribbled notes to her legal team as her father answered questions.

George said he felt a "deep, deep hurt inside" when Caylee's remains were found a couple years ago. He even attempted suicide soon after because "it just seemed like the right time to go, to be with Caylee. To spend time with Caylee. I didn't want to be in this world anymore."

The defense, who is trying to make jurors believe George abused his daughter and that somehow explains her changing story, asked the witness if he ever touched Casey inappropriately.

"Sir, I never would do anything to harm my daughter in that way," he said.


people..quit saying ~threw them under the bus" thats getting real old ..come up with something else


You have to be kidding right? George gonna kill his self? In his note he never talked in passed tense. Which really (believe what you want) says alot. A suicide note is left to the people you care about after you are gone, so when you are writing it , you write it as if you are already gone, and you speak in past tense not present. Study his letter. STUDY IT!! Find some things out about Georges life even before Caylee was thought of. You might form a different opinion. Caseys lies really mean nothing if you consider she lied for her family. If she was going to say Caylee drown, she did not have to involve George. And against popular opinion I do believe Caylees body had been moved, while Casey was in jail. I also want to know if George is psychic, how did he know to take a gas can with him? And as far as Linda asking at the end of closing arugment- who was going to benefit. It was not casey. Do your home work who HAS benefited from Caylees Death.


George We are with you George, Cindy too. you have your believers here in West coast Florida. Church friends pra y for you and I think that JP has Nerve to contact you to be decoys as casey's release. I feel for you how difficult that would be, after everything you both did to help protect her because you love her. One day she will come around, right now concentrate on your own strength. Prayers are with you. I have been following since the first phone call. Sad for you. If you need a place to get away for a weekend we are a quiet community/ No strings I do not have any dogs in the race just God. Blessings M


casey anthony did it! she killed lil caylee :(!! and she IS guilty! one her friends says - casey threw her phone in the dash saying"ahhh iam suck a good liar". also. her mother says that casey told her EVERYTHING ,,so if she dint kill caylee, then why would she have not told her mother that caylee was missing!?!?! another fact; when caseys mother always asked to see caylee ( caylee was dead at this point but casey was acting like she was still alive )she would make up excuses like, "shes at daycare", or "or shes asleep"! btu when caseys mother demamnded to see caylee. casey said no! also CASEY WAS PARTYING AFTER CAYLEE WAS KILLED! so even if she dint kill her, she wouldnt have been parting while caylee was missing! CASEY ANTHONY DID IT!!! shes guilty!


the judge should be embarrassed that this case has gone on for this long. this is a joke and is making a joke out of him and the state
of florida. casey murdered her child, this is obvious. i have been on several juries and was a forman on one. we had to find all four defendants, not guilty because they didn't have enough
evidence to convict, though in my heart i felt that three of them were guilty. anyway, casey is guilty, the end. they are making a joke out of the justice system. it is a real shame.


Sure blame everything on George. People should read the Dr. Stephen R.Covey's book and start taking responsibility for their actions or inactions. The last person to see Caylee was her mom and those computer searches about Chloraform, neck breaking, etc. proves to be tot mom not her mother. It's too bad for Casey her time is up. This will show others out there that its not ok to kill or cover up a death. Let justice be justice. About George unfortunately he did not want to be a part of the family plan to rescue Casey from what see did. He knows his daughter has a problem of which his family knows but refused to seek help. Casey has been out of control. Now its too late. By George refusing to be part of the family plan he has been thrown under the bus by his family. The look in Baez's face and Casey tells it all when they look at George.


George is the man that created the Monster,Casey. He further complicated matters when he helped her cover this up. George is a fixer and was going to fix this also, until he was told that Chloroform was involved. Previously himself thinking this was an accident he was going to help Casey, after the info. on Chloroform, he had to throw her under the bus. his guilt, and fear of being found out led him to his affair and subsequent admission to River Cruz, and half hearted attempt to commit suicide. If he was driven by remorse, guilt and fear to the point of suicide, his death would have covered it up forever. What an actor, intimidator, and whack-job. He really loves his wife doesn't? He is comforting River while his wife is greiving at home and borrowing money to pay for the ongoing cover-up costs.


He attempted suicide after? It's interesting that when it is convenient, the prosecution will use 'suicide attempts' as evidence of a suspects guilt. Yet in this case they are defending George Anthonys suicide attempt. How can it work both ways.


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MzSkeptic, Mr Anthonys face was shown on camera, close up, and there was water coming from his eyes & nose. (ick) Whether it was all theatrics, is up to the viewer. This family surely has some talent at 'acting, pretending, lying'. Definitely makes it difficult to figure out the truth or gleen enough truth to come to a decision as to what happened.

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