Crystal Harris Dumped Hugh Hefner Because...

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It's definitely over for Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy founder acknowledged via Twitter yesterday that his 25-year old fiancee walked out on him five days prior to their wedding, and now Harris has also confirmed the split.

"After much deep reflection and thought, I have decided to end my engagement with Hef," Harris said in a statement. "I have the utmost respect for Hef and wish him the best going forward."

Hef and Harris

So, why did Crystal make this decision, aside from the obvious (dude is REALLY old!)? Sources have linked her to Jordan McGraw, but Harris' rep says this chatter is a "complete fabrication."

Instead, according to various insiders, the problems came down to money and music. TMZ quotes those in the know as saying Harris was annoyed by her "couple hundred dollar" per week allowance, and felt like she didn't have the freedom necessary to pursue a singing career.

It's unclear how this could be the case, though. Aren't 85-year olds asleep by six every night?


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Gross, old yellow teeth. Dirty!


Holly wouldnt Take Hef Back!!


As Hef keeps chasing these young beauties, he deserves whatever they do to him.


I think Hef realized that she is not a good singer after all and thought that he would rather save himself from the embarrassment..As for her future career in Hollywood? watch out for the xxx video soon.


I find it hard to believe he'd is not spending money on her. Have you ever seen the old episodes where he gave the girls tons of gifts??? Like seriously golf carts, cars, tons of Christmas gifts some people are just greedy......DISGUSTING!!!




All I can say is karma! What goes around,comes around! Hef had a decent gal that loved him and was committed to him! He didn't want that! Then he wanted some gold digger, and she ditches him! And goes off with some one else! Seriously why are people surprised?!


good for her.


HHmmmm...I wonder why a 25-year-old didn't want to marry a 70 somthing....I think Hef is still in love with Holly!


It was a hoax to begin with... Gold Digger...........funny she would hook up with Dr. Phil's son.....she needs her head examined....Obviously, she didn't like her prenep......and to see Holly's face when she wanted Hef.....I think Holly will some day be with Hef, she seemed to care about him and put up with the other babes in his life... I'll be his girlfriend and do a realty show, them have major bank....that will be Crystal's next gig....Get on scumbag Comcast E Channel for a realty show, then she will have a clothing line, then perfume, then towels at Kmart, then music at Walmart for her songs she writes with Dolly Parton. Then she won't need Hef's money just a lot of boy toys, then after her head is completely examined by Dr. Phil's son, she will drop him, and my bet is, hook up with snoop dog...

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