Charlie Sheen in Talks for New Sitcom?

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Charlie Sheen has remained relatively quiet over the last few weeks. But might that be because he's planning a major career move?

Insiders tell TMZ the actor is entertaining a "big offer" to anchor a sitcom that would debut on broadcast television as soon as January 2012. The troubled star is allegedly in "deep negotiations" for a deal that would not even require a pilot.

Hey, Charlie!

Sheen has not said much publicly since predicting the demise of Two and a Half Men in in mid-May.

Any network might receive some angry letters if it hired Sheen, but is there any doubt viewers would tune in for his new show? Would you watch it?



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Carole hart

I love Charlie Sheen and do believe that Two and A Half Men will fall without him. I don't care for Ashton Kutcher and it would take real star power to even TRY to replace Charlie. If he gets a new sitcom, I will be glued to the TV! I don't judge. I just like to be entertained and that's my only requirement.


I might watch, but I think the issue is going to be how he's going to get the work done. That would involve him having to clean up and stop using drugs, being late etc etc. I don't see that happening. His problems aren't going to go away because he has a new show (to wreck).


Watching Charlie's past movies, and there are a lot in his body of work, that show the better side of Charlie that is very different from his dark side. Charlie is one of those actors who is very compelling without even trying. I want to see Charlie movies more than he can put them out. The critics, pundits and cyberfreaks make more money telling bad news, in spite of how good the artists are that they negatively critique. Even if Charlie decides not to gift us with his humour and art, his body of work is enough though I want to see more and more.


People will tune in to Charlie Sheen anytime anywhere he is an entertainer good,bad and the ugly. Whether you love him and think he is hilarious or you hate him and think he is a wack job!! He will get viewers, listners, tweeters, bloggers. Two million and a half of us want to see him succeed and Two million and a half of us want to see him stumble, fall & fail. Regardless it will be entertaining to watch. Either way if his career goes to the top or the bottom. We will all be saying the same thing; " I told you so" Live Life the way you want Charlie you only have one no matter if we agree or disagree!!!


I will watch his new show. I think he is sooo funny. His reruns are cheerful to watch and makes me laugh a lot. I have seen them but still laugh a lot.


I love Charlie Sheen and he is no different to anyone else these days. He needs love and understanding,that is all. I would watch anything that he does, because simply he is entertaining. He tells it like it is, instead of hiding behind closed doors. Give the man a break, no-one should be judging him, instead we should remember that the entertainment business is cut-throat, and most of the time the media loves to bring down the big stars, not to mention the system that tries to control anyone who is famous. I say don't make assumptions on this man, look at who we are as individuals before you dis-regard Charlie Sheen.


I find it quite hilarious that people will say they will never watch him because of his behavior yet I'm sure they were the first ones tuning into 2 and a half men. what's the difference 1 he was playing a character on tv the other it was his real life and they happened to parallel 1 another so why speak out. If you were watching 2 and a half men why not watch another sitcom. Regardless of his personal problems he's a funny guy and I will watch a new sitcom with him in it. If I was going to ban every actor of actress because of something that did in their personal lives, I would never be able to watch tv or another movie again. With that being said, I never thought Ashton was that funny in the first place so I don't know if he will be able to keep two and a half men at the same level as Charlie did but only time will tell.


Why would anyone be stupid enough to give him another job? Just keep enabling him and the day is coming that we will hear about him in a motel room somewhere.


Sorry to hear this. He has acted like a drugged out spoiled brat and now he gets rewarded. I think his days are numbered anyway, he will either catch Aids or over dose at some point. A few months ago his father was quoted as saying that Charlie even as a child had no empathy or sympathy for others. So maybe he is a sociopath that cares little for what his actions cause others.Feel sorry for his children that are being exposed to his craziness.


If he considered to be funny then anybody is because to me he sick sick man nothing more nothing less.

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