Caylee Anthony Was Murdered, Coroner Says in Court

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Caylee Anthony was murdered.

So stated Dr. Jan Garavaglia, a semi-famous coroner, who testified in court today during the Casey Anthony trial.

The defense has been arguing that the two-year old daughter of their defendant died of an accidental drowning, but there's "no other logical conclusion" aside from homicide, said Garavaglia, the Orange County chief medical examiner.

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How can Garavaglia state this as a fact? She reached the conclusion based on the condition of Caylee's remains and other factors, including the discovery of duct tape around her skull.

Casey's attorney, Cheney Mason, tried to move Garavaglia away from her findings, but the doctor shot back:

"Accidental deaths are reported unless there is a reason for it not to be... 100 percent of the time... that's systematic observational studies."

With her voice rising, and with her testimony cutting into the defense's key argument, Garavaglia added:

"No child should have duct tape on its mouth when it dies."


Well her fdrines Well her fdrines weren't texting her about partying after the story broke and they were shocked when they received the mass-text that Caylee was missing for 32days because all along as far as they knew from Casey that Caylee was alive and well, not kidnapped or missing, and having great fun at places like the beach, a theme park, vacation. It is weird how dissociative with this double life of all those lies she was claiming.


I lived in florida for over 40 years,its a beautfull place But there are so many diffrent type of people I belive if she does not run and hide she will be KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you all need to get a life, if you think Cassie anthony was smart enough to do this. she has already proven she didn't know what chloroform was until they told her. Read between the lines. the grandfather tried to kill himself after they found the body and the grandmother admitted to the 84 search's for chloroform. what every one wants Cassie to be the escape goat? She really didn't do it. she lived in her boyfriends apt. and the tape and heart stickers were found in the grandparents home. Come one now. think about it.


There are no words i can come up with to xplain My discuist for this vile creature
Just the fact she sits over there at the defense table pretinding shes the victim is soo offensive,not stepping up for her daughter in a way she never had in the past. Its sad how amercia loved little caylee soo much more than her own mother. Its sick,she needs to accept responsiblty for once in her life,her daughter atleast deserves that,but Casey is the most selfish human being ive EVER seen in my life,shell get whats coming to her& hopefully sooner than later


THIS IS OBVIOUS. Everyone KNEW it was murder! We are getting nowhere! Casey Anthony is guilty, and the worst mother in history, if you could even call her that. But the problem is that they need more incriminating evidence to pin the crime on the clear murder. They need a detective who isn't afraid to raid that house, check her phone lines, and steal her car; to do borderline criminal activity to close this case (if she and her family haven't been smart enough to dispose of all evidence for 2 years, then we MAY still have a chance.) Otherwise, there will be no way that woman will be locked up for the rest of her life for what she's done, and no justice, or peace to her parents, would have been served.


Hey Brangelina I have a dream of winning the lottery so I can buy all my children a home and car, and then I want to set up a shelter that will hold many women and children with cars and education being able to be taught, as well. Then go across country and do this for all the 3rd world countries, I have prayed for this so many times. I would get a company to build a Huge metal building and make it into apartments w/ clean water and take the girls off the street that gets a quarter for sex that is for unprotected sex and put police out to where any of those men that take newborns from the mother and rape them (and of course they die)cause they think it cures Aids to be accountable for their ignorance and put them down!!!!!! I would stay till all is finished. And as for Mexico go and find out what they can do to make life better so they do not need to flee! Of course I have many more thoughts I just Wish I could make them reality!


Since she said she had been molested by her dad why can't they do a dna test on little Caylee Anthony to see if her grandfather was the real father since she said she doesn't know who the dad is? What a cover up!!


i might have had doubt she killed her child if she had called 911. But she didnt & i cannot get past the fact that she waited 31 perhaps more if her mom hadnt called. I dont care about the rest of the arguement or the evidence. Just the mere fact that she didnt report it is enough for me to find her guilty. Although i dont agree on the death sentence.


Theres a special place in hell for people like her! My heart goes out to this beautiful girl gone too soon.


All i can say is Rot in Hell Bitch!!!

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