Attorney of Teresa Giudice on Lawsuit: Absolutely Ridiculous!

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Yes, Teresa Giudice and her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates got into a brawl in the Dominican Republic a few months ago.

But, no, the reality star did not physically attack Adolfo Arreola and Jason Gomez during the fight, as those two claim in a lawsuit filed Monday.

"They acted in self defense," said Jim Kridel, the lawyer for Teresa and Joe Giudice, acknowledging that his clients exchanged words with other patrons, but saying neither instigated any violence.

Teresa the Real Housewife

Kridel continued:  "Teresa was hit and assaulted. She is still in pain over this... mere words are not provocation to hit someone. There's no justification for that."

If this is the case, might Teresa countersue? Kridel didn't say. But he insisted that the plaintiffs have no case:

"It's absolutely ridiculous that they were assaulted without provocation. These people are very litigious and they are looking for an opportunity to look into someone else's pocket."

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Teresa is beautiful and shes an amazing mother and wife she is doing nothing but defending herself from all these haters trying to make money off her n her fame.


You Guys are nothing but hators! when someone comes at you sideways you will defend your self!! Theresa is just a human being dong her own thing! If she is semi famous, so what! you guys who are hating are just a bunch of regular lower middle class folks! get off her tip! wheather you find her pretty or not shes still a hotty!! shes better then ugly ass lamar odems wife!! that bitch looks like china from wrestling entertainment wwf!! lol. if you dont like it turn the t.v off or dont do research on Theresa you lame fucks!!


Are you serious? whats wrogn with Teresa? this is not interesting or fun to watch anymore...this is a nightmare....I think Bravo should fired her....this is too much....too much violence has been going on..... I am not going to watch this show anymore....too much violence....


I don't believe for one minute those men struck her, but I really wish they had. She needs a good smack down.


the whole bunch of jersey housewives are nothing but white trash at best.lets see where they all are from in five years. what makes these people think that they are entitled? sorry 'tree',get off television,you belong in a horror movie .you are so fucking ugly as well as the rest of the whole clan.GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!


God, this is mean, but her face bothers me so much. Its like her features are too big for the space...its freaky, I don't find her the LEAST bit attractive.