Alyssa Campanella Crowned Miss USA

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Alyssa Campanella, an brown-haired beauty from California, topped 50 other women to win the coveted honor of Miss USA last night in Las Vegas.

In the 60th anniversary of the Donald Trump-owned pageant, Los Angeles native Campanella dazzled judges and viewers with her poise and looks.

As the 2011 winner of the pageant, Campanella takes over for 2010 winner Rima Fakih and will represent the USA at Miss Universe in September.

Alyssa Campanella Pic

Alyssa Campanella didn't miss a beat over a tough question.

When asked if marijuana should be legalized, she said that medical marijuana should be legal, but otherwise banned. So ... she's a natural politician.

If Campanella starts snorting coke and posing topless or can’t fulfill her duties for any other reason, she will be replaced by Ashley Elizabeth Durham.

That youngster, Miss Tennessee, was the first runner-up.

Meanwhile, Kia Ben-et Hampton, Miss Kentucky, won Miss Congeniality USA, while Miss Arizona Brittany Dawn Brannon won Miss Photogenic USA.

The judges for some reason included Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, rapper Lil Jon (YEEEAH!), Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler, chef Rocco DiSpirito and actress Mariel Hemingway.

It was a tough call, but when Campanella took the stage donning both a turquoise gown and a blue and white polka dot bikini, she sealed this deal.

Congratulations to Alyssa, and to all who participated!



Let's not forget Indonesia also 1 of the stgnerost participant..don't judge her by where is she from .judge her by how the way she representing her country .her brain .the judges always under estimate certain country by the population of particular religion so racist .i hate that .sounds not profesional n educated .look at filipin they always got nominated coz they r mostly catholic/christian .just want you to know that I'm christian..n you guys can find filipino everywhere even in the unknown island .why dont they just do this event only for certain country meaning how good is miss indonesia still won't be enough to be a candidate winner .a breaktru if she got it .


You said brown haired....she's a dyed redhead...


WTF!? This woman is not even pretty.


That was such a random panel of judges!!!


Whatever it's all fake! If this is what women are suppose to look and act than I'm totally fucked!


Hahahaha. Love how you can see where her orange spray tan ends, on her wrist. This is the best we can do? Yikes.


She originally a Jersey girl maybe she will be on The Jersey Shore fist pumping lol.


she's a blonde that dyes her hair red - get real. Fake anything should be banned!!!


Alyssa is a very beautiful young woman, without a doubt. Has anyone noticed how her eye make-up was poliished resembling Melania Trumps???


and next month she will loose the crown for poising nude for some magazine years ago.

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