THG Asks: Will Two and a Half Men Succeed With Ashton Kutcher?

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THG Asks!

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Today, THG Asks: Will Two and a Half Men succeed with Ashton Kutcher?

YES by Hilton Hater

Two and a Half Men has been the highest rated comedy on TV for years. Therefore, in order for the show to be a success, it simply has to maintain the bulk of that audience.

That's why Ashton Kutcher is an ideal replacement for Charlie Sheen.

Is he particularly exciting? No. Can I name his last critically-acclaimed movie? Gosh, no. (Seriously, try sitting through Valentine's Day or Killers.)

But Kutcher is safe, much like the show itself. This isn't Community, which takes chances and offers up unique, outrageous stunts and storylines.

It's a bland, predictable, cliche-ridden half hour of nonsense.

Ashton's the same. He's got a big smile and many Twitter followers and won't require writers to think for more than three seconds about any line they pen.

Sounds like a boring winner to me.

At Killers Premiere
A True Winner

NO by Free Britney 

#LOSING. My argument could begin and end there. Charlie Sheen may be a certified nut job, but he's right when he says he was Two and a Half Men.

If you think about it, the CBS comedy was a huge hit because it basically allowed the star to play a fictionalized but mostly accurate version of himself.

Charlie's popularity since going off the rails is proof of this. He's got serious issues, but he's a lovable loon, whether his surname is Sheen or Harper.

No offense to Ashton Kutcher, but ... Ashton Kutcher?

In the words of one respected TV critic, "I am far from impressed ... The move comes across as a shameless attempt to tap into a younger generation, one familiar with Kutcher from his days on Fox and MTV. I don’t think it will work.”

THG Asks you ... will Ashton and 2 1/2 Men thrive? Who won this argument?


LOVED IT!!!!! Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer was great together - they kept me laughing. Will definitely keep on watching it. A fan all over again!


Have to say that Kat is right on track! 2 1/2 will not be the same without it's old star, harlie Sheen. No matter what, can't be, never will be. Ashton should go back to being a model or staying home with Demi, he's much better at those two things. There is only one 2 1/2 Men, the original,the reruns. By the way, I am a granny and more along the age of Charlie's Dad so I am not in any way "lusting" after Charlie Sheen. He made Monday nites a fun nite for TV. Now DWTS has my full attention!


sounds like the number of democrats in congress with class


A K sucked as a movie star and i expect the same as a sitcom actor


I have been a big fan of Charlie Sheen every since lucas a loyal fan one that has not change any since that speaking I agree someone needs to do something to try and help him is life is more important than is fame or job he needs to get healthy for himself for his children for his father, brother and the rest of his family Sheen has alot of people who use him for his money and fame but he does have people who love him he just need to surround himself with them Ashton is a good actor that cant be denied however he is in Sheens league sheen comes from a family of great actor it is in his blood father, brother even his sister has talent. the show may hang in there but it wont be like it is with sheen God bless Sheen his family and those who truly loves him I pray he gets better


well we will av 2 see wat it will b like wen it comes on we never kno we mite enjoy it haha


i wonder those people that think Ashton can replace Charlie . Did you people ever watch the show when Charlie was on it ? really ? Charlie was just the man for the job . no Charlie no show . just admit and create a total new show for Ashton


Kat,U stupid yo sucker


Good timeing for Ashton to be in the mix. Charlie was fun loving and quickly becoming the dirtly old guy. He saved us from that increasing cringe.


Hah! I laugh because Ashton Kutcher sucked in the 70s show... The funny one was Fez... Charlie Sheen WAS and STILL IS two and a half men. Without him? Who's going to instigate the funny parts? Or explain things in non sexual terms that is hilarious? Ashton Kutcher is an okay actor? But seriously? The shows going to tank big time all because the producers have a problem with Charlie Sheen's off-screen life? Really? Well then? The producers are just being a bunch of bitches! Its not easy going cold turkey after years of booze and drugs? So! Two and a half men will forever SUCK now! Rather watch re-runs of the show. . .

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