Sonja Morgan: On the Hook for $7 Million!

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Sonja Morgan is a Real Housewife of New York City - and she may be in for some real financial trouble.

A United States Court of Appeals judge has ruled that Morgan is personally liable for fraudulent conduct against Hannibal Pictures, a production company that backed the film Fast Flash to Bang Time before Sonja pulled out of it.

A NYC Housewife

"The masks are falling and there is no longer any doubt that we were defrauded and severely damaged," said Hannibal's Rionda del Castro. "We are now going to collect to the fullest extent of the law."

Morgan filed for bankruptcy in November and blamed John Travolta for the movie's problems, saying he made demands that couldn't be met by her company, "Sonja Productions."

However, a judge didn't buy that excuse and says she owes Hannibal $7 million.

Incredibly, this ruling still leaves Morgan well short of the fiscal issues plaguing another member of the Housewife family. Bethenny Frankel is being sued for $100 million!


Sonja has revealed herself as a out of touch and bat shit. Her ignorance seemed charming at first. But I soon found her to be just like my 20 year old sorority sisters. Out of touch, self involved and just plain dumb as a rock. The difference is that she's over the hill, crazy and stuck. I look forward to her losing her ass. It's gross anyways.


The hint about Sonja going Chapter 11 was the only bearable thing about last night's psycho-witch fest. I couldn't even enjoy the return of bats--t Kelly, so itching to belt LuAnn was I.
PS To 'artist' dude of Sonja: your little friend will thank you, pal. You're both off the hook.


She doesn't have 7 million either....the law allows people like her to file and file and file and get away with it...just like the wannabe mafia gals in the NJ series. I would love to see that low browed Teresa gal go to prison for lying to the Feds. That bunch makes me want to hurl everytime I see them trying to live their pseudo Mob life. Just like the NY wives trying to live the rich life. They are entertaining tho, seeing them try to outdo one another and knowing good and well we, the viewing audience, when it boils down to it, for the most part, probably have a hell of alot more than they do.


These women are so annoying now. Without Bethany, thier lack of intellegence is so aparent. I dont think I will continue to watch as avidly as before. Now I record it and see it when I get around to it. Before this season I stayed up to wach with piqued interest. Now its like high school, ugh!


7 million!....i dont even have 7 dollars!

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