Presenting: The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

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An Atlanta man's marriage proposal just shamed all others that have come before or since. Thanks a lot, Matt ... but at the same time, nice work dude.

With the aid of a wedding photographer/videographer, he crafted an elaborate movie trailer that provided the lead-in to a surprising, public proposal.

He created a ruse where his brother brought his girlfriend to the movies while he “worked,” then got the theater to play it somehow, setting the stage.

After a real preview for The Hangover 2, on came a trailer for another film ... in which Matt asks Ginny's father for her hand. Then comes the live part!

You gotta see it. The “live reaction” cam was a particularly nice touch ...


That was so awsome, that kind of stuff keeps the fun in a marriage so dont ever stop. wishing you two a long and heathy marriage. Mrs. Moore in South Carolina..God Bless.


Is it wrong to cry watching this?


Aw so cute!


He just screwed every other guy out there. How can you top that????

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