Pippa Middleton "Nearing Engagement" to Alex Loudon, Sources Say

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Prince William’s new sister-in-law Pippa Middleton is said to be nearing an engagement herself. Sources say Pippa is "close" to sealing the deal with her longtime beau, former cricket star Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon.

While they’ve only been dating a year, Alex and Pippa are very serious. They “virtually live together” in London and often visit his family’s home in Kent.

Now a stockbroker, Alex Loudon became pals with William while they were students at Eton, an exclusive British secondary school near Windsor Castle.

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Adjusting to life in the spotlight has been challenging for Pippa.

While she was recently seen with ex George Percy, all indications are that things are swell between Pippa and Alex, regardless of their marriage timetable.

Whether Loudon gets down on one knee soon, we'll have to wait and see. But one thing's for sure - LOTS of people will be watching her every move.

Despite running in elite social circles, the level of interest in the royal maid of honor has really thrown her for a loop, according to those in the know.

Along with daily chats with her big sister Kate Middleton, Pippa reportedly is in the process of hiring public relations consultants to represent her going forward.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward - who formerly ran her own PR firm - has been advising the younger Middleton sister with her search.

Pippa Middleton is said to be overwhelmed by the intense international attention she’s received in the days following her sister Catherine’s big royal wedding.

Along with a sleazy $5 million offer, Pippa has been inundated with offers ranging from speaking engagements to a variety of lucrative endorsement deals.

Don't expect her to become that visible. “She will never knowingly do anything to embarrass her sister or Prince William,” said a source close to the family.

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Pippa is a pretty girl, but she's not ALL THAT according to America's standards. I guess when you compare her to the average Briton though, she's hot. That would be the only thing that makes sense about all the craze over her. America just has beautiful people!!!!


To Kate middleton- Have positive attitude. This - means- a Godly-mind, always exhibit in you these qualities- "Loveliness- kind, gentle, humble, honorable, peace, love, patient-endurance, justice- and do and act "Godly." With these qualities- you will succeed and God will be with you- all your years ahead. Avoid- "The Evil-mind- angry, quick to anger and all things not of God. Be Happy- all ways and talk "softly" and be "very respectful." Be very "Good." Have "deep-love" for the entire husband family and love your husband with caring and rest and be seen but not "herad or seen" talking. You are still young and rember "You are young" ok. Goodluck


T Kate middleton- positive attitud- means- a Godly-mind- exhibit in you- "Loveliness- kind, gentle, humble, honorable, peace, love, patent-endurance, justice- and do and act "Godly." With these qualities- you will succeed and God will be with you- all your years ahead. Avoid- "The Evil-mind- angry, quick to anger and all things not of God. be Happy- all ways and talk "softly" and be "Good."


For Pippa- happy engagement to your friend - is the best to me. Be who you are always ok


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These people just don't ever learn!!! Have they forgotten already that excessive press interest KILLED William's mother?!?!? They need to leave him and his family (that INCLUDES in-laws) ALONE!!!