Pia Toscano Dishes on Upcoming Album

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Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have both released their first singles, but many American Idol fans are actually more anxious to hear from another season 10 finalist.

When might Pia Toscano release her debut album?

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The popular singer admits she got a "head start" on the CD because she was voted off the show weeks ago, but she still can't pinpoint a release date. She can share a few details, however.

"It's definitely going to be big ballads, but there's also going to be those fun up-tempo songs, those dancing songs," Pia tells People. "I feel like on the show people really only saw me in one way, and I want to show the world that I can do other things."

Toscano is in the studio a lot these days, working Interscope Records producer Rodney Jerkins. She says fans should expect "a pop album with an R&B influence."

We can't wait.


OMG Surrounded by Angels...I have been saying the same thing...I had to read your name and make sure it wasn't something i wrote...I found her completely boring...


She was great, her voice was great, and she knew what kind of music she was good at. Unlike SOME American Idol contestants, she knew what kind of records she is going to sing. She wanted people to listen to her music- not to focus on other things while she performs. Because of this, I think her single WILL sell. She's amazing and she has real fans, who focus on her voice- and like her FOR HER VOICE!!


The reason why she got voted off the show is? because she was BORING. So I dont think she will do any good, not wishing her bad luck or anything but even the judges said it to her that she need it to change it up a little cause just ballads doesnt do it.!

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