Paul McCartney Hollas: Don't Need No Pre-Nup!

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He went through financial Hell with Heather Mills, but Paul McCartney is ready to start fresh with Nancy Shevell.

Therefore, despite forking over $50 million to his ex-wife in a nasty, drawn-out divorce settlement, the iconic singer has made it clear to his loved ones: there will be no pre-nuptial agreement with new fiancee Nancy Shevell.

"His friends and business advisers think he's crazy after what happened with his ex, but Paul is insisting Nancy is no Heather," a source tells PopEater. "There's no need to make marriage a business arrangement."

Paul and Nancy

Shevell has quite a lot of money on her own, and she's been dating McCartney for four years. Even insiders that think the pair should sign some kind of document agree they make a "perfect couple."

"This one will last forever," a family friend says. "She is the opposite of Heather and hates the public spotlight, plus she doesn't need his money to live a great life."

Hey, McCartney and The Beatles said it themselves: all you need is love.


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A british government fraud-"musician" marrying a jewish gangster who passes herself off as an American to the british public. This is another scam in the long and winding road of scams brought to you by the Beatles and the all-jewish british empire. Something tells me, and apparently everyone else, that this will end up in a bad, bad way. What could anyone expect...


Happy to see it!!!
A great couple.
Love, Love, Love.


Kudos to Sir Paul and Nancy! After all, if you feel you need to sign a pre-nup then why bother getting married in the first place? If you don't have trust, what's the point? Whatever happened before is done and dusted - personally, I admire him all the more for not hanging on to old, destructive baggage!


Congratulations Paul and Nancy-may yall have a great life and marriage together!


I wish Paul and Nancy all the best of luck. I have a "good" feeling about this one.


Here we go again...4 years so far and he is old and she is too young for him, each with their own money or not. It is not the money that counts in the end, but how long he can strum the strings.


Obvoiusly he didn't learn a damn thing when he signed the check for his last wife, ihop! Hope he's right this time.


I believe that Paul continues to be a hopeless romantic. I believe that he learned a lot from the ragmag tabloid atmosphere of his separation and divorce from Heather Mills. He is Now with a woman who has a commanding presence and has genuine interest in him as a person, and as a husband. Paul is wealthy beyond belief, he is engaged to Nancy who already have her own millions. There may be No prenup,but I can easily believe that their properties will be kept separate. All the best to this *young couple!!


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