Passenger of Sean Kingston Blames Excessive Speed for Jet Ski Accident

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Just prior to the jet skiing accident that landed Sean Kingston in the ICU, Cassandra Sanchez had the best, most unfortunate seat possible on Sunday evening: she was sitting alongside the singer.

In her first interview since the incident, Sanchez spoke to TMZ and said she urged her friend to slow down during the ride.

As Kingston raced toward a Miami Beach bridge, Sanchez recounts her reaction, as she screamed at the artist: "We can't fit under there! Are we going to try and go under there? Sean, stop!" 

Sean Kingston Pic

Kingston tried to swerve at the last moment, but crashed into the structure. Sanchez next remembers waking up in pain, while Sean was "coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff" and repeating the words, "I'm hurting. I'm hurting."

Cassandra and two friends that were on another jet ski signaled for help from a nearby boat.

Kingston was then taken to the hospital (Sanchez says she's okay, save for soreness in her ribs and jaw), where he's likely to remain for a couple weeks.

"They have a tube down his throat so he can't really talk, but he is lucid and understands what's going on," she said.


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I was just glad to hear that everyone is alright.My daughter was really glad that Justin Bieber was not along for the ride.I hope he makes a fast recovery,Our prayers are with him and his family and friends.


I agree with randys butt :L still feel for the guy though, that's pretty dumb brah. It kinda re-inforces the whole black people dnt know what they're doin in the water stereotype *sigh*. Hope he's better quick.


How can you possibly say stuffs like that? "Idiotic rappers"? You were just waiting for an opportunity to bash them right?
And you don't have a heart. I can't believe you said that he brought it on himself. It was an accident. It could've easily happened to you no matter what the circumstances were.


I was in Miami this past weekend and actually rented a boat around the time this happened. At the rental place there were at least 20-30 idiotic rappers and their entourage all renting jet skis. (They were all in town for some stupid South Beach concert and the locals were more than annoyed). While on the boat, at least 4 jet skis (with passengers) drove in front of us at excessive speeds in a NO WAKE zone. Needless to say, these morons had no idea what they were doing out on the water. For this guy to actually hit a bridge out there he must have been either asleep at the wheel, drunk, high or just plain stupid. Sorry to say it but I have no sympathy for this idiot. He brought it upon himself.