NeNe Leakes Quits Celebrity Apprentice, Rails Against Donald Trump and Star Jones

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The drama heated up on The Celebrity Apprentice this week, with a double firing - Star Jones and LaToya Jackson - and a third cast member quitting!

NeNe Leakes, the one who peaced out, has plenty to say about it.

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In the aftermath of the explosive episode, NeNe is going off on Donald Trump, saying she "feels good" about leaving since Trump disrespected her.

Leakes adds that her feud with Star was real and is PISSED that Trump changed the teams last night to "accommodate" the View alum/loudmouth.

NeNe reaming out Star has become a highlight of the current season, with Leakes alleging her counterpart has been disingenuous and unreasonable.

Jones, for her part, tried to paint her adversary as a reality TV loudmouth.

"Trump was doing things to accommodate Star and not me," she said. "All of the manipulating ... was very toxic. It was a very toxic situation."

Leakes felt producers constantly tried to "provoke" her, and "I'm not a quitter or a loser, but I had to walk out of the show for my own sanity."

“Star was one person on camera and another person off camera. I felt like we were trying to form a friendship, and I’m very loyal," she adds.

"I saw her being very backstabbing and it really threw me. I haven’t heard from her and I don’t mind not hearing form her. I don’t hold a grudge and it cost me nothing to say hello, but I don’t want to have anything to do with her.”

"I feel good about leaving and I don't regret it," the Real Housewives of Atlanta star says. "I don't believe you need to act like that for charity."


Neene left because she is not a real celebrety and could not raise money. It had nothing to do with Star or Trump. It was just a camp out.


I used to enjoy watching Nene simply b/C she is has a great personality and is very entertaining but I have totally lost respect for her. She spent her whole career on Housewives fronting as an ALL-THAT BIG MOUTH who ACTED intimidating enough to back up her bravado BUT seeing her quit CA FOR NO REASON was shocking!!! After successfully putting Star in check she should have graciously accepted Trump's decision to switch her to Backbone; focused on raising money for her charity by volunteering to be project manager for EVERY task. Nene had the chance of a lifetime to graciously redeem herself after the Star mess with grace and dignity. She had the ball in her grasp yet decided to walk off the court which made no sense unless she was attempting to save face after being the only one left on the show who failed to raise any money.


Once the weight came off of Star's Big Body she gained a small brain. I guess being fat and laughed at, she now figures that she came be a smarty to those who mistreated her.


First of all, I think that both Star and NeNe were ridiculous on the show. However, on a completely different subject, I wish that people who post comments for all of the world to see would learn how to spell and stop typing as if you did not attend elementary school. Our generation is starting to look like a bunch of uneducated idiots. "Dis" in not a word and it is not that hard to say "This" the same goes for "Dat" "creatin"... what is that? D, is not an abbreviation for the and I could go on but I think you get the point...


If some of you people would watch ths show and know what you are commenting on you would not sound so stupid. Star Jones deserved everything she got. I don't Blame Ne Ne for leaving that trashy show. As a African American woman I undrstand what she is saying and we already put up with too much other BS to be put down by our own. Star Jones is a sell out and that is why Barbra Walters Fired her also.... KUDOS To NeNe


NeNE Leakes is an embrassment to the city of Atlanta. She showed her trash side without much thought of who she reflects. Just go home nene and eat some more, gain 100 more pounds and you can get a show the world's fattest woman...


nene, you may have been right about Star I just wish you had handled yourself better. You came off as the aggressor and let her appear to be a victim. SHE IS NOT.


Nene is such a bitch.. A fake ass bitch... It is clear dat she has no skills at all and now dat her excuse 4 loosing is gone she has noone else 2 hide and here flaws will come 2 d surface. Dats y she left nothing else. I would b glad 2 b removed from a situation dats creatin a constant problem but 4 nene d situation was her only elcuse 4 loosing


I have been watching the apprentice all season and have to say that I have been quite disappointed with some of the celebritities, but I have to admit that Nene and Star take the cake. Different as they may be, they have one thing in common. They both lack class. Nene because of her inability to communicate her frustrations in more appropriate ways, and Star for not being able to admit her mistakes instead of trying to blame them on others. I find them both dispicable and am glad that they are both gone. As for who is left, I have an incredible amount of respect for the Jonz and for Marly, but I am a bit disappointed that Marly backed Star as much as she did. I really hope that John wins because he has more than earned it, especially with the amount of money he has raised in addition to his kindness and profesional demeanor.


Nene quit because she couldn’t raise money for the next task. Nene doesn’t really have money, doesn’t know anyone with money and if it wasn’t for the Real Housewives’ of Atlanta Nene wouldn’t be making any money. She would have been fired on this task anyway and she new it.

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