NeNe Leakes Reams Out Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice

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NeNe Leakes exploded on Star Jones last night in the latest chapter of their season long Celebrity Apprentice catfight, leaving even Donald Trump speechless.

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    ITA Brooke. There is no excuse for behaving so poorly. Even being manipulated and being fed false information should not elicit the tantrums, yelling, cursing, insults, bullying and wildly erratically emotional behavior NeNe is famous for displaying. She has demonstrated that her quitting was not a justified protest


    Nene is a coward and a bully...she is a poor representative for domestic violence...


    Some people have a problem when others say what others think and too scared to say... Well Ne Ne has no problem letting the truth be known... I like the fact that she is not fake and she inot trying to impress the racist Donald Trump... If you really keep it real all of you, who have posted bad things about Mrs. Leakes really do like the fact she said what a bunch of yall scary self can't. KUDOS to Mrs. Ne Ne Leakes... And as for Star Jones..... "YOU'RE FIRED" Ne Ne leakes quit.. You can't fire someone who has had enough of the bull crap and quit. Donald don't be mad because you did not have the opportunity to tell Ne Ne she was Fired and that she ruined your ratings when she left before you could fire her.... Donald... You're Fired !!!!


    I can't believe Trump ever let that low life Ne Me on his show in the first place. She is a disagreeable, tantrum throwing, foul mouthed amazon. I have never seen her Real Life show, but would not watch her in anything. She is classless, clueless, and ignorant. The real kicker is the fact that she was playing for Domestic Abuse! She is definitely an abuser and throws her amazon body at anyone she can. What a low life! Good riddance and she won't be missed on The Celebrity Apprentice.


    I find it very disturbing that a person like nene is considered a "celebrity"... she is ignorant, racist and a major bully!! I am so glad she quit Apprentice... showed her true colors... she wasn't concerned about her charity, she was only concerned about her own celebrity.... it also bothers me that people in entertainment and people in the media who are so big on "stop the bullying" are friends with her or give her airtime or a mention.... it's all so fake to me


    There is never a need to call a spade a spade. To allow someone elses actions influence the way you act is very unbecoming. Nene has the tendency to bow-up when she is threatened by anyone in anyway. The fact that I am spending time writting this bothers me. She needs to be removed from the public eye. I watch all the Real Housewives and Nene is the only one that makes me question why.


    Big deal! All that posturing, menacing, big-and-bad attitude only to QUIT tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. She let Starr Jones whup her behind - how supremely disappointing!


    nene is a low life person it is apparent the she don't think that she have a problem.but oh boy the whole world knows she is just dumb as a box of have kids and you act like a straight up crack head.ON T.V. WOW WHO DOES THAT and you should get a education because you only have (5)words in your vocabulary.AND I GUESS THAT'S COOL.


    I think that Ne Ne was right but it was not the right time..she should have pulled back just a little bit and I think the only reason whY Star kept her mouth shut was becuase she was still trying to put that "im such a professional behaivor" on in front of Trump. Nothing to do with having class, just playig the game as always!! But if NE NE wants to make it big anywhere she needs to know when and where to SNAP! no one wants a loud mouth all the time lol


    Can you imagine 'the Donald' actually saying Nene Leaks, 'You're Hired'?? Not happening lol!

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