Lorenzo Lamas: Married to Shawna Craig! Taking Her Name!

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Lorenzo Lamas. It's a name that once made the ladies swoon.

At least we assume so. It's been kind of awhile since he was relevant. In any case, that name is soon to be a thing of the past, because Lorenzo just married longtime fiancee Shawna Craig and will be taking her surname!

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

Lorenzo Lamas and Shawna Craig wed last weekend in Mexico.

So why the name change? "To start over fresh" from all of his previous marriages and divorces (this is the man's fifth marriage), according to the star's rep.

Shawna would be the fifth Mrs. Lamas. But that does sound pretty bad. So, Lorenzo is going to reverse the tradition and become the first Mr. Craig.

Lorenzo Craig. It doesn't exactly evoke the same weak-in-the-knees feeling, but you know what, give it up for Shayne Lamas' dad for the gesture.


I met the man back in '92 when they had their "wrap" party for the ending season of "renagade", at the restaurant where i worked. Lamas was RUDE, his current wife was stuck up beyond reason (and looked like a chicken when she danced) and just a complete A-HOLE...we had to ask him three times to take a pic with us and the end photo says it all: no smile and he looked SO pissed off...lousey, lousey, lousey


the name change is stupid...she looks like a tranny. Why marry again & someone more than 1/2 your age? Just date, enjoy & have fun. I guess he hasn't learned his lesson from the 1st 4.


They look like father and daughter. Plus, what attracts women to men who have been with so many women before? Strange. Hey if it works it works I guess.