Justin Bieber to Release Female Fragrance

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Justin Bieber knows what women want. Especially because, more often than not, the answer is simple: him.

But now the 17-year old who has already come out with his own line of nail polish has announced he'll release a perfume because, let's face it...

"The way a girl smells is very important to a guy," he told Women's Wear Daily. "I have such a deep connection with my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them closer to my world."

And, really, is there any place a girl would rather be?

Performing in Paris

The scent will be titled "Someday," retail for $35, be available in June and, because Justin Bieber is rather awesome, all proceeds will benefit charity.

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@precious catubig, wtf!? Im not going to hell, but you might cos your telling people to! Oh, and @meeko11, justin will never read this and if he did he wouldnt put his email address on cos hed get so much hate mail!


OH MY GOSH!! i will sell everything i own to get that perfume!!! bye bye vinilla hello justin bieber! hahaha


Get a life, you pathetic slut. I like boys and it is me who will be wearing the perfume and nail polish.


Heyy all u haters can back of he isnt gay and yall know that so stop saying he is and i agree with @sammy im getting that perfume and nail polish to and guess wut he is a great singer and all those people that keeps saying he is gay and what not get a life and leave him alone.One more thing Justin Bieber is so down to earth I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER please write me back at that email address i would really apprecheate it thank you.And still all you haters can kiss his ass ;^) CHUNKEN UP TH DUCES ;^)


As totally gay as it sounds, it's actually a good business move. I'm sure his fans WILL spend their money (or rather, their mom's money) on this stuff. On the other hand, a boy of 17 is usually more sensitive about his image, so I'm torn on this one. Of course there's the "Look, I'm hanging with bad-ass Chris Brown" to counterbalance the perfume and nail polish racket. I guess we'll know the truth SOMEDAY


"Someday" I will come out.


He's gonna call it Chanel No. 69 and will give it to his pal Ricky Martin. Remember when he was soooo not gay? (Teeny Boppers are the stupidist creatures).


nothing above him!he deserves in everthing good!haters are losers!go to hell!




I agree with @Tom, is this idiotic wanabe gay?! Nailpolish and perfume?! What, does he wanna be a girl? Wait, he already is a girl!!