John Edwards on Rielle Hunter Not Destroying Sex Tape: You Moron!

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With John Edwards facing a federal indictment over his alleged use of campaign funds to cover up his love child scandal, new details of his affair with Rielle Hunter and the sex video they made during his White House run are coming to light.

Specifically, how pissed he is that she didn't erase the f%*king tape!

In an amazing outburst, the disgraced politician reportedly exploded after a judge ruled portions of his testimony under oath would be made public.

You Idiot!
A Rielle Home Wrecker

Edwards reportedly put it to Rielle Hunter on tape in a hotel room in Indianapolis in 2007. She was already several months pregnant at the time. 

"John took his anger and frustrations out on Rielle," an insider told the National Enquirer, the publication that first broke the story back in 2008.

"He screamed at Rielle, calling her a moron for not destroying the tape, and yelling that she made a fool of him for talking him into making it."

"Rielle was in tears, and tried to apologize, but John didn't care," says the source. "His worst nightmare is that the tape will get on the Internet."

We can only hope ...

The video ended up in the possession of Andrew Young, Edwards' former aide, who says he found it in a guest room once occupied by Hunter.

Young, of course, claimed HE was the father of Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn, helping hide Rielle and cover John's tracks for a long stretch.

Rielle has served him with a lawsuit in a North Carolina court, calling for the John Edwards sex tape to be returned, plus monetary damages.

Edwards is scheduled to the questioned about the tape on June 20.

At the June hearing, he will again be asked a series of questions he earlier refused to answer under oath, only this time a judge will be on hand to immediately rule what's admissable in the privacy lawsuit filed by Rielle Hunter.

At a hearing at the end of April, Superior Court Judge Carl Fox ruled that all or part of his deposition could be made public, to John's dismay.

The revelation about what the video tape actually contains would be the final nail in the coffin for Edwards as he faces the federal indictment.

So what's on the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter sex tape?

Andrew Young’s wife, Cheri, said recently: "I won't give any fine details, but I'll tell you yes, he is naked. He is performing sexual acts."

"The woman is holding the camera. He is aware he is being taped."

And that, folks, tells you all you need to know.


Why would he be attracted to her! He is a handsome man and she is a real dog!


Didn't John thought about this before he allowed Hunter to videotape them having sex? Pleeezzzzeee! She is conniving enough to use it against him but he trusted her to do it!Hunter is only after fame,fortune,and what she could get out of Edwards.No wonder John and Elizabeth's kids can't stand her and wasn't invited to Cate's wedding.Hunter could sabotage anything she touches of John's. Although, John should have known better than fooling around with someone who has nothing to lose; John had everything to lose.I feel sorry for Elizabeth's and John's children having to relive this nightmare and Quinn will have a difficult life knowing her mother had her to get money out of John.


You know what's worse than what Edwards did? Trying to decipher what these people wrote. Seriously, it's called grammar people! I now have a headache!


Afraid of getting caught in affairs being exposes out on the Internet? U must be kidding me ! Because if u are afraid of affairs being exposes out; u ,hungry dog ,should have thought of not cheating on your wife,whom is a great lady,mom to all her kids & standing all the way with u from start till end of her life! Isn't it enough for her sacrifice to u! U,yourself is a *MORON*! Shame on u! Too late,to regret!


You're calling her a moron but you fucked her so what does that say about you??


That bitch made me do it again. "Your" mouth, is what I should have referred to. She really is a moron.


Meant to say "your" pants. It's Rielle's fault that I typed it wrong. What a moron.


Ditto to Maddie. Edwards is in no position to be calling anybody a moron. Gee, what was Oprah saying yesterday? The energy you put out is what comes back to you tenfold. Given that this all happened while his wife was dying of cancer, he should be nothing but contrite. The MOST culpable party in an extra-marital affair is the married person who is breaking their vows, Period.


Exactly Maddie. He's upset yet he had no qualms filming himself at the time even though he knew he shouldn't be. I feel no pity for this guy.


This man has no business calling someone else a moron. He's having an affair and knowingly letting someone TAPE what he's doing? He's an imbecile.

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