Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh: It's Over!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is still in search of love.

The actress, who has made quite clear her dreams of getting married, is single once again. Earlier today, her rep confirmed a split with Alex Beh, saying: "They haven't been dating for a little while."

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alex Beh

The pair first hooked up in the summer of 2010, following Hewitt's break up with Jamie Kennedy. Prior to that, she had been linked with Carson Daly and even engaged to Ross McCall.

Not to worry, though. A pal says JLH is doing "well."


must be doing something wrong.

Diaper sweat

I hope Alex Beh gave her a nice, long nut-slapping gut check followed by a big ol' dose of slimy man-goo across the gullet before he dumped her pathetic ass! Clearly, bitch needs some tough love.


why is she even being talked about?


Can't keep another man huh?? Sounds like the Jennifer A. syndrome to me. Something is up with that don't you think?


Something has to be wrong with her, she can't keep anyone for more than a year. Maybe she is difficult or smothering. Or could it be that she likes to wear tiara's?


agree with elicia she dates these guys like year or 2 and then dumps them when they do want to get marry i don't like her never did


This girl has always talked about getting married no matter what, as though it is the end all and be all of her life. I find that sad. One should only get married because they are really in love with a person who shares their values, thoughts and life ideals. Wanting to get married just to be married is sad and sick. JLH will never find the "one" if she continues to try to make everyone "the one".


She sounds desperate to get married, quickest way of scaring any man off

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