Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. David Archuleta

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They are, arguably, the two most popular non-winners in American Idol history - and both came out last night to support the show that made them famous.

Adam Lambert, accompanied by boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, and David Archuleta stopped to pose for photographers on the red carpet of the finale, held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Lambert actually made controversial news during season 10, calling out James Durbin at one point and saying the top four finisher was "trying too hard." But he was simply all smiles at the event, which was attended by a number of past contestants.

Compare these two now and vote on a fashion victor:

Fashion Face-Off!

It's a matchup of American Idol second place finishers. Decide between Adam Lambert and David Archuleta now! View Poll ยป

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Hi there Katmorg..... I agree that it really is unfair to compare those two. Because they are completely different from each other. It really was wrong that some people misjudge about Adam and still don't like him for being a homo. But it was wrong to compare their sucess or fame or money. The truth is dat m a Dave fan.and the thing u wrote about no song being hit songs was wrong. Coz like u i too only look for David and get an impression dat he's the most wanted and successful. I've no idea how much sucessful both of them are. Actually the person who's website this is should have only kept the vote poll. Anyway atleast i got a chance to meet some wonderful fans of both the celebrities............i hope next time people don't compare these two coz one's too decent and other a fashion craze........;)


truly......they look so cute!!!!and i got a question why do people need to create this fashion face off anyway????????Adam, hes a rockstar particularly rockstars always wear black.And thats Adam.Adam can I borrow your aviator shades?????


David All the way! He is an incredible singer and has a great sense of fashion. How can you not love him =) He has had numerous hit singles such as Crush which was on the hot 100 chart for quite some time as well as winning awards for the most romantic love song. Something bout love was a hit worldwide and most of his cd sales actually centered from European countries and Japan. To say that David is not well known is pure false. To say that he is an incredibly talented singer and musician is 100% accurate. If you haven't heard any of his music, you should check it out because it will change your life forever.


Joa: You obviously have not listened to David's albums or seen any of his concerts; thus your ignorant statements. It's all well and fine to extol the qualities of your singer of choice, but why is it that so many online fans of Adam go out of their way to trash others? It's as if they are so insecure about Adam's place in the pantheon of Idol alumni that they must therefore bash others in order to feel better. They do Adam a real disservice by such behavior.


sorry.. I mean David is just a balad singer has no talent in any other genre's.. Adam is all talent


he can only sing ballads.... period......he is way overated


They have expression, modesty and simplicity
I wish i had invented blue jeans. Regards,
Muhammad Zahid-22058


This is a poll comparing 2 completely different artists with 2 completely different styles. Both guys wear well what suits their personalities. Both have been very successful in both cd sales and sold-out concerts. Glamberts complain about haters, Archies complain about haters (and both are correct if you go through previous comments). If everyone in the world liked the exact same things we'd be one big boring human race. Vote for the style you prefer -quietly please.

Avatar obviously have not listened to Adam's cd...seen any of his tour videos...or concert in Russia that just happened...Adam totally can rock...and his cd has probably at least four rock songs on it...get real...


siara- guess you did not hear that Adam and his fans have raised over one million dollars for three charities in the last year and a half...I love how you...your hater fans ignore anything Adam does which is good...Adam is a very humble person...You do not see us dissing David...on the contrary...Adam is always praising other artist and I salute David for his work in India...But this is a fashion contest...David looks like the average Joe next fashion there...Adam is always dressing to the "T's"...that is his style...That does not mean he is not a good person...He just has a ton of fashion style...Get a grip...really a dumb contest ...because there is no comparison between the two.